14 Pick Up Lines To Get The Guy

The times are changing my friends. Don’t wait for that hot piece of man candy to come up to you.

Take a deep breath in, shake off those nerves and walk up to that cutie sitting at the bar. We have 15 perfect ways to get that guy to open up and give you some one-on-one attention.

1. Ask for his name. It’s obvious, but necessary—so you can add his digits to your contact list, of course.

2. Comment on his clothes. He took a solid six seconds to select that particular button-down—so pay back his effort with a quick compliment about how blue does wonders for his biceps.

3. Inquire about the time. Then express your relief that you have an hour to kill with the handsome man you just met before you must move on.

4. Recommend a drink. When you spot a hot guy pausing over the bar’s long list of IPAs, lean in with a suggestion.

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5. Send him a drink. Classic, and classy.

6. Get an update on the score. If there’s a game blasting in the background of your local sports bar and you “can’t see” the screen (assuming it’s crowded and you’re not 5’11” that is), ask him if your team is up.

7. Flash him your pearly whites. This no-fail move (smiling!) requires no words, because he’ll pick up the verbal slack when he sees your welcoming smile.

8. Gush over his dog. The fastest way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach—it’s stopping in your tracks to adore his favorite furry friend as he walks down the street.

9. “Do you know who sings this?” Seize on his tapping foot at the coffee shop or side-shuffle at the club by asking if he can help ID a killer song.

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10. Recommend a book. Sidle up to a sexy man on the subway, then suggest another book he might like based on the title his perfect nose is currently buried in.

11. Employ a wing-woman. Let your trustworthy BFF do the dirty work while you figure out what you’ll say when he inevitably follows her back to you.

12. Bump into him. While we don’t endorse this semi-obvious act, there’s nothing wrong with stumbling in your four-inch heels and allowing him to steady you.

13. Ask for help. When you can’t reach your favorite cereal on the top shelf of the grocery store aisle, whywouldn’t you ask Sexy Stretch to snag it for you?

14. Be blunt. There’s nothing wrong with a quick-hit introduction that leads to a frank, “I think you’re cute—let’s get to know each other better.” Bonus: It works wherever you are.

From: Glamour


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