Disney World Now Selling Poop

If chocolate didn’t make me gain weight I would honestly eat it for every meal. I can totally say I am addicted. If there is one think I don’t want to be thinking about when I’m biting into the amazing indulgence of chocolate, it’s poop. Yes, you read right, poop. Recently Disney World has taken the amazingness of chocolate and did the unthinkable. They are now serving up desserts that not only remind us of poop, but they are literally meant to look like crap.

The new shall we say treats are being offered at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Inside the Animal Kingdom park at Zuri’s Sweet Shop there are several new animal dropping-themed chocolate desserts that are inspired by elephant, rhino, giraffe, and cotton-top tamarin poop. The Elephant variety features chocolate peanut butter fudge with oats and coconut flakes. Hippo is a fudge caramel brownie with oats and peanut butter. Giraffe is pellets of chocolate fudge with caramel, and cotton-top tamarin is chocolate-covered pretzel bites.

Despite the fact that the desserts themselves don’t sound half bad, I think I’ll stick to square-shaped chocolate fudge. I don’t care if Disney World is supposedly the most magical place on earth. There is no amount of Disney-induced sorcery that would convince me to eat a pile of chocolate fudge that is meant to look like feces. But, if for some reason eating fake animal excrement has made it onto your bucket list, the scat snacks are available for $3.99 each.(NY Daily News)

Now you can say you have eaten some yummy poop. 🙂

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