The Worlds First Fashion Law Degree Is Here

Not sure what you want to do? Why not go to Fashion Law School.

Fordham University in New York has announced their new fashion law degree programs to start in Autum 2015. The school will offer two degrees which are the first of their kind and are about to revolutionized the fashion industry. The programs will be offered through the school’s Fashion Law Institue directed by professor Susan Scafidi.

“ Diane Von Furstenberg, a supporter and financial investor, ““firmly believes this program will become a powerful tool in the fashion world and beyond, and help us all as an industry —lawyers or not — better understand, grow, and protect our businesses.”

Fordham University’s Fashion Institute will offer a program for individulas without a current law degree, a Master of Studies in Law (MSL), or the Master of Law in Fashion, for those who posses a law degree and want to learn about fashion law specifically. The programs can be taken full-time or part-time.

Customer data protection for e-commerce, social media, regulating claims involving sustainability, fashion financing, and employment issues over models are a few of the topics covered in the two programs.

Fashion law has been struggling to come on its own for many years and both Scafidi and Von Fursternberg have been pioneers of the field. Scafidi created the first fashion law course in 2010 and expressed her gratitude to the designer for being such a driving force behind the degrees ever seeing the light of day, calling her the “patron saint” of fashion law. At the press conference, Von Furstenberg was quick to underscore the importance of getting to grips with intellectual property law, particularly for designers. Scafidi spoke eloquently on the matter:

 “Legal savvy, like business expertise, has always been an important component in building a successful fashion           house or design career — it just hasn’t yet been recognised to the same degree,” she said. “The current wisdom in the fashion industry is that every Yves Saint Laurent needs a Pierre Bergé, and every Marc Jacobs a Robert Duffy, and emerging designers are encouraged to develop both creative and business skills. But would we have Tom Ford without Domenico De Sole, or at least a significant degree of legal knowledge?” (The Industry London)

Both advanced degrees are backed by the American Bar Association and will help pave the way for the future of the fashion industry.

The big question: What kind of career can one have with a Fashion Law Degree? “There are plenty of big law firms in the city that hire lawyers who have knowledge in the background of fashion. Why wouldn’t they hire lawyers who are actually trained in the field of fashion?”

For only $53,000 a year for non fashion professionals, those working in the fashion industry are offered a 25% discount, you can become a Fashion Lawyer.

So what do you think? Applications are open….

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