Where Are The Most Faithful Partners In the US?

Southern men may have their well-mannered charm, but men in the Heartland may just have more of a heart then the rest of the U.S. According to a new survey, the Midwest has the fewest number of cheaters than across the country. A mere 10 percent of Midwesterners admit they have been sexually active with someone other than their significant other.

The study, which was conducted by Avvo Inc., an online attorney directory, had more than 2,000 married and unmarried couples participate in answering a series of questions about their relationships.

Midwesterners came out on top with the smallest percent of cheaters at 10 percent. Northeasterners came out with the second smallest at 16 percent, followed by southerners with 17 percent (so you don’t have to give up hope on those Southern gentlemen). 20 percent of Westerners admitted to cheating in the past.

The study not only looked at the percentages of cheaters, it also looked at how cheating broke down by sexes. The surveyed men reported more cheating than women with 20 percent, verses the 13 percent of woman.

And the most interesting statistic is…..A large chunk of the people surveyed would not end a relationship over cheating. As much as you would think unfaithfulness would be a complete deal breaker for couples, 45 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t leave if their partner slept with someone else.

Have to say we did not see that number coming! So all those single ladies out there looks like you want to find a man from the Midwest.

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