Are You Washing Your Swimsuit Right?

The hard part is done, you finally found the perfect swimsuit that makes every part of your body look good. I think I can speak for all women, that once you find that perfect swimsuit others just don’t add up. To insure that gold piece of a suit stays in ship-shape here are six tips to help you take care of it:

Before you jump in: Rinse off your body to get rid of body oils or body makeup.

Hand-washing is your best friend: First, rinse the suit with water to flush away any chlorine or debris, then add a gentile soap such as Palmolive or Ivory soap. Next, rub your suit together gently. Finish by rinsing out all the soap and lay flat to dry.

If you can’t hand-wash: If you just don’t have time to hand-wash buy a mesh laundry bag and put the suit in there before tossing in into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. (This is also great for your delicate bras and underwear)

Don’t leave it to dry in the sun: Lay your wet suit flat on a towel in the shade so it doesn’t stretch out. If your suit is left in the sun to dry for more than a couple hours, the color will begin to fade. Whatever you do DON’T put it in the dryer!

If you have a stain: If you are accident-prone like me and happen to get a stain on your suit, don’t worry. Lightly dab the stain and start the hand-washing process right when you get home. If the stain has dried don’t scratch it off, you can scratch off some of the dye while doing this, which can never be fixed. If you can’t get the stain out yourself head over to your local dry cleaner for their help.

Can’t get those little pieces of sand out of the fibers: First, try hand-washing and soaking in a bit of water. If that doesn’t seem to get the job done, wait until the suit dries completely and lightly blow it with your hair-dryer. Remember to only use the cool temp setting.

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