Remember Limited Too?

Who remembers begging your mom to take you to the mall so you could go to Limited Too?

It was the first store we could exclusively say was for us in the ‘90s. You could get everything you ever dreamt about with your allowance money, clothes, candy, cool knick-knacks, and of course fluffy feather-topped pens. Plus, if you really wanted to feel like you just walked off the cover of J-14, you could model your new look in the store window.

Oh the life of a pre-teen in the 90s.

Sadly the store has been absorbed into the lower-priced chain Justice, and our childhood hot spot is just a memory.

Thanks to Instagram we can reminisce about our jean overalls, and spaghetti strapped tops with other women in their 20s and 30s by using the hashtag #limitedtoo.

Click here to bring you back to the good ‘ol days.

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