Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Jason Segel Play Word Sneak (Hilarious)

In a hilarious game of Word Sneak played by Jason Segel and Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, July 29th Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Urologist and Norway were two unlikely words Segel had to drop into a conversation.

Despite Segel’s reservations of playing on of Fallon’s celebrity talk show games, Segel proved himself to be quick with his words as he swerved conversations round to help him complete the challenge.

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“Are you in for this?” Fallon asked his show guest, 35, as he explained the rules of the game.

“Of course,” he replied quickly. “I don’t have a choice,” added with a grin.

“No you don’t,” admitted Fallon. “That’s why I asked you on camera!”

Watch the video below:

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