5 Ways to Instantly Look Taller Without Having to Wear Heels

Unfortunately we were not all given beautiful long supermodel legs. So here are five ways to make yourself look taller without having to put your feet through hell and back.

High-Waisted Pants

Whether it is a pencil skirt or shorts, opting for a high-waisted bottom helps trick the eye by elongating your lower body. Show off your waist by pairing it with a crop top of tucked-in tailored blouse

Hello Romper

The shorter it is the longer your legs will look. Plus it is an easy all-in-one outfit

Flash Some Skin

Exposing as much of your foot as possible in sandals give a lengthening effect on your ankles. Try a nude, light, or metallic hued sandal for the best results

Pick a Shade

Dressing in head-to-toe single shade outfits create a tall vertical line

Chop it off

Super long locks can drag you down, while bobs and pixies highlight your neck and shoulders, which brings the eye up.

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