A Look At Where The ’90s Teen Beat Stars Are Today

Where are those cuties you had hanging in your lockers and on your bedroom wall? Here is a look at where nine of the dreamiest teen heartthrobs to hit the ‘90s are today.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas


After JTT’s decision to quit acting in order to pursue annoying things like “college” and “travel.” The 33-year-old is now back in L.A. making cameos on shows like Last Man Standing.

Andrew Keegan


Oh bring us back! Keegan played the bad boy on Full House and 7th Heaven. He was also in 10 Things I Hate About You. Today, the 36-year-old actor can be found in a defunct Venice Beach church building, leading the members of his “Full Circle” religion, a cult like, type of advanced spiritualism. His cult was recently busted for illicit kombucha.

Scott Wolf




Wolf was known best for playing Bailey Salinger on Party of Five. Wow, the dude has not aged since the show went off the air in 2000. Since then he has had major roles on Everwood, Spin City, and The Night Shift. Wolf and his wife just welcomed their third child last year.

Luke Perry


This Beverly Hills, 90210 star is 48-year-old divorced dad of two making cameos on Hot in Cleveland.

Scott Weinger



Remember Steve from Full House, he went on to voice the role of Disney’s Aladdin. Weinger latter went to Harvard and has been working as a writer-producer ever since. Wait for it….he is on board for the Netflix reboot Fuller House, set to stream next year.

Rider Strong




The was the best-friend troublemaker Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World. After the series ended, Rider took a break from acting and went to Columbia University before getting his MFA from Bennington College. Since then, his main focus has been spending time directing short films. Recently you can see him reprise his role as Shawn on Girl Meets World that is airing on Amazon Prime.

Jaleel White



The former suspendered child made headlines for a domestic violence suit, which he totally denied. Then tried to reinvigorate his career by appearing on Dancing with the Stars.

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