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Can You Guess Which Emoji Your State Uses the Most?

If you haven’t jumped on the emoji train, you have been missing out. The simple picture can change your conversation into a fun illustration.

Swiftkey, the popular emoji-keyboard-app, just released an interactive map that shows the most popular emojis used in every state. The study was compiled from 1 billion emoji uses across the United States. Here is what they came up with:


New York



OK, this is how it works: The findings aren’t the actual most popular (otherwise it’d be a map of heart-eyed smiley faces and twinkling stars). It measures the emojis by relative use. For example, Texas evidently loves lightbulbs, wine (er, grapes) and oranges more than any other state.

And it seems to be much more vocal about nightlife, traffic stops, princesses and spending money than the average American.


Your state not on the list? Check out your state here.

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