New Study: Dressing-Room Selfies Are on the Rise, Women Buy Based on Social Media Likes

Ugh! After about an hour in the dressing room you have finally narrowed your selected picks down to the black and white pencil skirt and the lace mid length dress you just fell in love with on the hanger. But wait what about the black and gold jumpsuit? It would look so cute with those new wedges you bought last week.

Oh the struggles of dressing room decisions! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just buy the whole lot? Considering you still have to buy groceries for the week, your bank account probably wouldn’t like that hit, and your credit card is still recovering from last months shopping spree. So back to that pencil skirt…. It is defiantly a show stopper. But the dress, you love the dress. Ugh!

It turns out more and more women are taking selfies in the dressing room and blasting them across social media for crowd-sourced approval, according to a new study from social marketplace Shopa. Why sit in the dressing room for an hour deciding what looks better when you can just ask your social media followers. Just remember to reapply lipgloss before your big dressing room photo shoot.

Daily Mail reports that one in seven women photograph themselves trying on clothes, post it to social media, and wait for an average of two likes from friends before they decide to buy. When a guy does the same, it takes an average of four likes before they head to the cash register.

Shopa’s study found that because of the dressing room selfie process the average shopping time is now twice as long, increasing an average of 31 minutes. Yes, it may take longer, but at least you aren’t battling with yourself while looking in the mirror, then getting home later that day wanting to return what you bought. This “social fitting room,” as the Daily Mail calls it, has translated into 28 percent of Brits spending over two hours shopping in person and 33 percent doing the same online.

So now the question is, how many likes do you need to get for you to buy? Hint the comments and discuss. 

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