The 12 People You See When Your At Disney World

You have the plane tickets. After hours of researching, you finally booked the perfect themed hotel, even if it means selling a Kidney to afford it. Your kids are officially going bonkers counting down the days until they see MICKEY. But before you get too excited for your Disney adventure, prepare yourself for the 12 different types of people you will see there.


The weird Mickey obsessed adults.

The seven-year-old screaming who just dropped her ice cream cone.

The couple who just got married at Cinderella’s Caste. Really?

The kid who is excited about the ride…but wait “is it scary”…except “I’m not scared”…but “are you sure it’ s not scary?”

The grandpa in tube socks and sandals

The family wearing matching T-shirts and Mickey ears.

The mom who messed up her FastPass and is yelling at the ride operator.

The girl who is having a meltdown because Elsa can’t be found

The parents who are trying to hide the fact that they are fighting in front of the Dumbo ride.


The mom who has her kid on a leash.

The grandparents with picture overload.

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