The Prettiest College Campuses in the Country

From the big Ivy League schools most can only dream about getting accepted; to to the teeny tiny liberal arts schools many don’t know about, there is no shortage of gorgeous campuses when it comes to higher education. We’ve picked what we think are the most beautiful campuses in America. Make sure they are included in your college tour!

Here are the 9 most beautiful campuses in the country.

Clemson University: Clemson, South Carolina

Originally the traditional parade ground for Clemson cadets and the home of Clemson College’s first football, baseball and basketball teams,Bowman Field now serves as a “green beach” on sunny days and the perfect place for the union of town and campus for special events.


The idea for the Wave was conceived at the UW in 1981.



The small campus has 1266 full time female students and 926 full time male students.




Swarthmore was founded in 1864 as a coeducational college by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).




Frequently referred to as an outdoor museum, the campus is one of the best examples of American architecture over the last 100 years–from Georgian-style brick to buildings by Eero Saarinen to an upcoming project by Norman Foster (the guy behind Apple’s spaceship campus).




This grandiose Jeffersonian village is the only college in the U.S. to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Students are urged to kiss the statue of school founder Cornelius Vanderbilt their first night on campus for good luck.



There are 80 varieties of trees on campus.



Chartered by the Republic of Texas in 1845, Baylor is the oldest continually operating university in Texas. The approximately 1,000-acre main campus adjoins the Brazos River near downtown Waco, a Central Texas area of approximately 200,000 people.



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  1. Harriett

    Yes, these are gorgeous, but check out Berry College in Rome Georgia. It’s a small college, yet has the largest campus IN THE WORLD! (26,000+acres.) Once you see it, you will think you’ve visited Oxford & Cambridge….a MUST SEE!

  2. Wendy

    Why is the same photo for Clemson used also for Baylor? Maybe because Waco is really an ugly town on dusty I35 between Dow and Austin. Show us a pretty photo for Baylor.

    • Greg

      Wendy, the photo I see is of Baylor. And obviously you haven’t been to Waco. When you drive through on I-35, you miss most of the city. Take a drive through Cameron Park and out to Lake Waco and maybe explore the Brazos and Bosque Rivers. Educate yourself. You might be surprised.

    • Laura

      Wendy, I think you may be referring to the “cover” photo for this article. It happens to be the picture of the Baylor campus, which is shown right above the first school on the list, Clemson. The same shot appears again when you scroll down to Baylor in the actual list of schools.

    • Charlotte

      the entire campus is gorgeous. The stadium, athletics facilities on river, science building for which none finer , the architecture of all buildings with same exterior of bricks and older buildings retained and refurbished. I 35 is not pretty but the lights on suspension bridge and stadium bridge at night are spectacular. The campus deserves this honor. Are you from A&M, or Tech that are down right pathetic. And are hundreds of miles from any established city? Sic Em!

    • charlotte

      Wendy put on your glasses because you have double vision. The pictures are not the same and the city of Waco has upgraded every location above standards. Get your head out of your you know what and write something interesting that has validity. The campus is beautiful and get off I 35 and you should realize how ridiculous your comment is! Sic Em! 🐻

  3. Emily

    Wendy, Clemson has its own picture directly under its name. The article’s main photo (the one under the article title) is of Baylor, which is the same photo under Baylor’s name. The picture is of Pat Neff Hall, which is at Baylor, which is in Waco – a town that has grown a lot in the last 5 years and isn’t ugly.

  4. Haley

    Wendy, they didn’t use the same picture for Clemson and Baylor. The photo for Baylor’s campus is also the cover photo for the article… The Clemson photo is the one with the paw print on a hill. Pay attention to the details before you talk unnecessary trash.

  5. David Henry

    “Ugly town”? “Dusty I35”? Maybe the piled up dust prevents Wendy from getting off to see Cameron Park, Lake Brazos, Bosque River, Lake Waco, Lake Shore Drive, MCC, the Woodway area, rapidly re-developing downtown, the riverfront, the zoo (one of the best and prettiest around)…

  6. Brooke

    Wendy, I’m a student at Baylor University and that is most definitely BAYLOR. If you look at the bush in the picture it reads, “BEARS”. It’d be pretty ridiculous if Clemson had that bush on their campus considering that their mascot is a tiger…

  7. Twyla

    Having been to many college campuses, I have to say that the Clemson University campus is a beautiful sight to see. Numerous lakes, rivers, & it’s in the foothills of the mountains besides being well maintained. Anyone who knows of the Clemson area refers to it as “God’s Country”. Love it there!

  8. Anna

    Baylor is surrounded by a beautiful city! You just have to know what and where to look for the special places. It is a little like a search and find. helps match you to places you want to go to!

  9. Josephus

    Wendy, you dumb little fast food slinger, those aren’t the same pics. Plus, WACO Texas is a complete trash hole of a city. Carresh ruined it.

  10. Rhonda

    Are you trying to say Koresh? That wasn’t in Waco but near and he had or has nothing to do with how Waco looks. Stupidity

  11. John

    Josephus, I believe you are searching for the name Koresh and his compound that burned down was not in Waco, nor did he live in Waco. Waco is a beautiful city, recently named to a must-visit list in Texas, as well as to the #1 real estate market in the nation! The city and Baylor (recently polled as favorite football team in Texas) are incredible places!

  12. ken

    Having attended both UVA and Baylor, I consider myself lucky. But I do wonder why Stanford didn’t make the list. I’ve always found that to be an amazing campus.

  13. Carolyn Pandol

    Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia is one of the most beautiful and historical
    campuses anywhere!

  14. Fagan

    Waco is my hometown. My husband and son graduated from Baylor and I appreciate all the good comments about Waco. If you zoom in to the building you can see it says Pat Neff Hall.

  15. Tim

    You guys must not live in Texas. Waco and Baylor area is called “tinkle town” for a reason. People only stop to take a break between Dallas and Austin to take a bathroom break and then get out of dodge. Baylor is all fake brick buildings. Grass is horrendous because it’s in the middle of nowhere. No real places to eat near campus cause nobody but McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, and IHOP can survive. Well they do have a Bone Daddy which biker gangs tend to hang out at. Baylor/ Waco has an extreme lack of culture. Downtown Waco is nearly barren. Most people refer to the two block area with all the restaurants as downtown and completely forget about the dilapidated and vacant buildings that litter the downtown area. Usually Baylor students take the hour and half drive to Dallas because their is nothing to do on campus on the weekends. It is commuter like school atmosphere on weekends. And if the stay they stand around a area called “the Valley” just hanging around blazing their music from their cars as their nothing to do. On a recent list of American cities with the highest crime rates, Waco popped in at around 6 or 7 and Baylor tends to adopt criminals on their football team which is one of the most hated in the country. Baylors fan base just started realizing it had a team just in 2011. Before that it had to tarp its seats. The new stadium does have some beauty and like EVERY school the main area has an impressive court with flowers and trees but nothing every college doesn’t have.

    Bottom line Baylor should not be on the list. Period. End of discussion.

    • John

      Well Tim, you have no idea what you are talking about and you have just proven it. There is not a Bone Daddy in Waco nor is there a Krispy Kreme in Waco. There is however a brand new Twisted Root, Torchy Tacos, Chick-fil-A, In and Out Burger, Potbellys, and Saltgrass Steakhouse at Baylor and on I-35. And no fake bricks on Baylor campus. The downtown is booming with new businesses including Chip and Joanna Gaines’ brand new headquarters of design and decor. There is beautiful new housing downtown, and the river is alive with families and eateries and multi-million dollar development. Baylor was polled as the favorite team in Texas just 3 weeks ago…a huge surprise in a state that has been filled with Aggies and Longhorns for so long.
      You need to come visit, it is easy to see in your post that you have no connection to Waco.

      • Ted

        Waco is Waco. Never will be and probably doesn’t want to be Dallas or Austin. So why even make the comparison, Tim? Either way you look at it (whether measuring too much concrete per capita, or too little green-space per capita), Dallas falls short compared to Waco. And Austin? Sure. Great music. Hate the traffic.

        In my book with the oldest university in the state, the Texas sports hall of fame, the Texas Ranger museum, the national drink of Texas museum (Dr Pepper) and regular pro rodeos at the coliseum, plus its central location smack dab on the dividing line (I-35) between East Texas/Southern greenery and traditional drier Texas farmland and ranches to the west, Waco is arguably THE MOST Texas city of all.

        I mean let’s face it: Houston is L.A. only humid and no movie stars, Dallas is all concrete bankers’ towers, Fort Worth, nice as it is and “Texan” is always in the shadow of Dallas—– and Austin, still hippie haven but now with Silicon Valley added. Amarillo is too much Coloradan and way too far out there to capture anything from the eastern, most populous third of the state. I could go on. Waco gets my vote.

  16. David G. Henry

    Well said, John. I would merely add my puzzlement over someone who feels some “need” to attack citizens of a city who live, work hard and devote a great deal of time, money and effort to making Waco and surrounding areas a nice place to live, work, study and visit. What, Tim, did we Waco area, fellow Texans ever do to you? Truly, I wonder. To attack our home town is to attack us – a city is but its people and a manifestation of their labors and standards. Waco is not perfect. What city is? But such a deliberate, tear-us-down attack? What is behind that?

    • Ted

      I think Tim is just cranky and uncomfortable because he waited too long for his ‘tinkle’ stop in Waco. Should have relieved himself in Belton (northbound from Austin) or Waxahachie (southbound from Dallas). And skipped Waco. More the better.

  17. Tom

    Clemson shouldn’t be on this list, it’s not even close to UVA as none of its buildings have any architectural interest – and for the most part were built with new-deal money in the 30’s simply designed to keep people off welfare and working. As suggested Berry College is a world nicer than Clemson, as is the University of Richmond. Stetson is another college that’s nicer than Clemson.
    I don’t have anything against Clemson, it’s just that I’ve been there many times as well as on the other campuses I mentioned and they’re all much nicer.

  18. Phil Hanna

    I am a Clemson Man and the campus is beautiful, I sure thought DUKE University would be on the list, Baylor from all the pics I have seen is a beautiful campus also.

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