This is How A Dryer Sheet Will Change The Way You Clean Your Shower

For those of you that have glass shower doors, you can share my pain when it comes to trying to keep the damn thing clean. You would think that they would stay clean with them being in the shower, but no. They are constantly splotchy, filmy, and covered in finger prints.

I finally came across the miracle shower cleaner. I’m talking no more giving up your precious Saturday mornings inhaling disgusting spray cleaner that really doesn’t do much good.

My secret weapon…..a dryer sheet.


What you need: One dryer sheet, and it’s totally fine if it’s used.

What you do: Lightly dampen it with water, and then wipe down doors (especially wherever you see hard water spots or white film)

Why it works: The ingredients that are in dryer sheets not only soften fabrics, they also soften soap scum, making it easier to get off glass.

Pretty awesome!

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