What Does Your Favorite Dog Breed Say About You

Puppies are the cutest little things. Everything about them is cute. They are fluffy, snuggly, loveable little windows into our hearts. Here are 15 different dogs and they people they fit.

Cavalier King Charles

Tory Burch is your go to designer. You also have a standing blowout appointment every week and wouldn’t miss it.


French Bulldog

Your daily cronut are what get you through the day



You can be found at CrossFit



Dressing up is your life


Teacup Yorkie

You can be found watching the latest Real Housewives episode



You are tuned into your local NPR affiliate



You are in love and you don’t care who knows it



You just discovered the most incredible Lavender-green tea face mask.



You miss the ‘80s


Jack Russell Terrier

Who needs coffee when you can exercise



You can be found bing watching Netflix


Labrador Retriever

You’ll be in the pool


Cocker Spaniel 

You like long walks on the beach and reading books by the fire



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