You Can Now Sell Your Old Makeup and Get Get PAID For it

If you are anything like me, you have the overwhelming desire to keep yourself put together but normally don’t have the time or energy to always follow through. I can’t tell you have many beauty products I have in my bathroom drawers that have just gone untouched.

My latest beauty venture had me thinking I was totally capable of a bold red or in my case the coral lip trend. Lets just say, I was greatly mistaken! After taking a trip to Sephora and stocking up on what I thought was going to be my new favorite lipsticks, I was quickly slapped with reality when I looked in the mirror. (You can stop rolling your eyes, yes I tried on the colors at the store, but what can I say I was in the moment, I thought I looked hot.) Standing there looking in my bathroom mirror, I quickly was reminded of when I gave my favorite baby doll a makeover with the “wild strawberry” Crayola. “How could I let this happen?” What in the hell was I thinking?”

I am sure you have fallen victim to the same thing. But what do you do with the makeup you got caught up in the moment and bought and then later hate. All of that money just tossed to the back of your drawer to be forgotten.

When I thought all was lost I can across an article by Refinary 29 about a new company that will buy and sell your gently used makeup. I know, this is AMAZING! The company is called Glambot.

Glambot is an online service that will take your used makeup- be it a half-full eyeshadow you no longer like or the new foundation that is the wrong shade but you are way to lazy to bring it back- they sanitize it, repackage it to make it look cute, and then sell it at a discount. The donator then gets a small sum in return for their no longer wanted makeup, and the consumer gets a brand-name makeup item at a discounted price.

This all sounds awesome, but what about the whole “used makeup” bit. Is it really hygienic and legal?

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