Zoolander 2 Trailer Has Us So Excited (Watch)

Ben Stiller is back and better than ever as Derek Zoolander in the newly released trailer for Zoolander 2. If this sneak peak into the hilarious comedy is any indication, the male model comedy has gotten funnier over time.

The two-minute trailer was released Sunday, August. 2, and kicks off with a Stephen Hawkings voiceover that deep-dives into Zoolander’s brain, zooming in from an existential point of view.

“In the beginning, there was nothing,” the voiceover begins. “An infinite void. Then, in an instant, everything on command came into being.”

Owen Wilson, who played a rival male model in the original, first announced the sequel during Paris Fashion Week in March, and we have long been awaiting a look into the sequel that is due out in February 2016- schedule your date nights already.

The film will also star Cyrus Arnold as Zoolander’s son, and Christine Taylor as his wife Matilda, who is actually Bin Stiller’s real-life wife.

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