How to Keep Bananas From Going Bad

When I’m at the grocery store I don’t know what it is but I always find myself buying two bundles of bananas. I can’t remember when I actually ate all 10 bananas, but I still always buy them because you just never know when you are going to want a banana. Now this would be totally awesome if they actually stayed ripe for longer than three days!

Here is a quick trick for keeping your favorite morning snack yellow longer:

What you need: A somewhat green bunch of bananas and some plastic wrap.SOMEWHAT SIMPLE

What you do: Separate that bananas and apply a small amount of plastic wrap around each stem. You will be amazed when you find they stay yellow for about four days longer than normal.

How it works: Ethylene gas ,which escapes through the stem are the primary reason bananas ripen so quickly. Slowing the release of the gas will help slow down the ripening process, making them last longer.

Another helpful tip: The less ripe the banana, the greener it is, the longer they will last.


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