This Is What Your Toilet Paper Roll Says About You

How many times have you ran into the bathroom to relieve yourself after the bucket of liquid you just consumed while you were stuck in traffic on your way home from the office? It has happened to all of us on more than one occasion.

While you are sitting on the toilet, with a smile on your face and an empty bladder, you are struck with the reality that there is not a single morsel of toilet paper left on the roll. But how can this be? You just changed the damn thing yesterday morning.

Take a look at what your toilet paper roll says about you:

The fold over: You are faithful, logical and sensible. You are a traditionalist who takes care of your surrounding environment. You love to organize and keep a schedule.

The fold under: You are a free spirited person who is very enthusiastic. You tend to be more spontaneous then follow a schedule. You are more likely to be found dreaming about your future then stuck in reality.

New roll on empty roll: You are reckless. You live life in the fast lane and you don’t care much for details.

Empty roll on empty roll: You are most likely male. Didn’t your mother teach you anything!


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