To Eat or Not To Eat Before Bed

Have you ever noticed that your pre-dinner snack is keeping you up at night? Well, you are what you eat! See which foods you should pass on and which are totally OKAY to binge on during the new FX drama The Bastard Executioner.


Ginseng tea: Don’t worry just yet. Herbal teas are good, but Asian ginseng is known to have energizing effects, which is not good before bed. Swap for a warm cup of Sleepytime instead.

Chocolate: Before you head for the dark chocolate drizzled popcorn, remember that chocolate has traces of caffeine and also includes a chemical called theobromine, a known stimulant.

Hard cheeses: Keep those amino acids for your morning breakfast, before bed can make falling asleep a little harder.

Bacon: Mmmm it’s what’s not before bed! The combination for protein and high fat make problematic digestion and acid production a no-no before catching some zzz’s.

Anything spicy: It is probably best to keep the Blazin’ wings for lunch and not right before you are about to hit the hay. Spicy food can increase acid reflux resulting in major discomfort while your trying to rest.


Mint tea: Trade in your chamomile for a warm cup of mint tea. Brewing mint leaves produces lactucarium, a substance that has mild sedative effects. Goodbye Ambien!

Cherry juice: Don’t let the sugar content scare you. Cherry juice encourages melatonin, making it a great option before you head off to bed. Make sure you get a tart variety. They have the strongest effect.

Jasmine rice: The higher glycemic index within jasmine rice makes it the preferred grain for a good nights sleep.

Nuts: The serotonin and melatonin in almonds and walnuts are awesome for a bedtime snack. Plus, they are good for the new diet you just started.

Dairy: Turns out there is something to the warm glass of milk your mother would fix you when you were little. For a more….grown up version combine milk with carbohydrates to slow digestion and boost the quality of snooze.

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