Finding Dory is Swimming into Our Hearts

We were so excited to find out the news of Finding Dory, a sequel to the 2003’s Finding Nemo coming to theaters June 17, 2016. This is defiantly going to be a movie us parents can sit through with our children and enjoy. I am probably even looking forward to it more than my kids….shhhh don’t tell them.

Finding Dory takes place six months after the first film when Dory joins Marlin and Nemo’s family. After Dory not remembering where her own family was in the first movie, she suddenly recalls some of her childhood memories. One being something about the “jewel of Monterey, California.” With the help of Nemo and Marlin, Dory sets out on an adventure to find her family.

Oh I know it I know it sounds so exciting!

The movie will have the returning cast including Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks, and have new stars like Diane Keaton, who plays Dory’s mother.

If you haven’t seen the movie’s first trailer yet, you can watch it below.

Just keep swimming until June 2016

featured image: Pixar

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