This Love Song Has 64 Percent of Women ContactingTheir Ex

Have you ever listened to a song and instantly thought about your ex? Don’t be ashamed! The dating website WhatsYourPrice.com recently conducted a survey of 41,000 people and found out that 64 percent of women thought about getting back together with their ex after hearing Adele’s new single “Hello.”

When it comes to the opposite sex, only 17 percent of men said they thought of their ex when the hit song comes on the radio.

But here’s another thought: Doesn’t it seem highly plausible that if 64 percent of women are reaching out to their exes, guys’ hotlines are blowing up—meaning they might be reconnecting with former flames, but they just don’t have to do the work of reaching out in the first place? (Women’s Health)

Watch the official music video for “Hello” below:

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