Hollywood’s Elizabeth Banks Wants to “De-Stigmatize” Killing Babies in Abortion, Will Lead Pro-Abortionists

Numerous Hollywood personalities have been very vocal in their support of abortion. One name that immediately pops into my mind is Alyssa Milano, who has repeatedly verbalized her anti-Trump, anti-anything-conservative viewpoints, including rabid support of abortion on demand.

Another prominent Hollywood elitist, Elizabeth Banks, has recently upped her game and has assumed a position of leadership as the head of the newly established Creative Council at the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights.

It’s a grand-sounding title and a grand name for an organization on the face of things, but, like anything “politically correct,” it’s about as close as you can get to be exactly the opposite of what the name says.

Planned Parenthood is an example of such distortion. Their actions are planned, all right, but it’s to kill as many babies as possible (particularly black babies) via abortion and has a tight focus on NOT being a parent.

A “Creative Council” sounds so wonderful until you realize that they are not creating a positive scenario for preserving the lives of unborn children. There’s nothing “creative” whatsoever on their agenda.

A “Center for Reproductive Rights” only focuses on a woman’s freedom to KILL her unborn baby under a politically-correct label that utterly fails to address the rights of a living, but as-yet-unborn, human being.

This report comes to us from LifeNews:

As if pro-abortion propaganda isn’t shoved down our throats enough, it was announced Tuesday that actress, director, and producer Elizabeth Banks will head the newly established Creative Council at the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Banks hopes the Creative Council, which will be made up of women in Hollywood and the fashion industry, “can help destigmatize abortion by sharing and supporting women’s stories.”

She wants stars to use their platforms to educate and advocate for the CRR and to “add reproductive rights stories to the work that they’re already doing.” “There’s a real power to having people who have platforms be able to elevate the critical role that the Center is playing in protecting our freedoms,” Banks stated.

Acknowledging the role of Hollywood in propagandizing viewers, Banks told THR:

Reproductive rights in media is a really important tool for keeping the issues that we are all facing at the forefront … there’s such an interesting dialogue to be had about how abortion care is part of a larger package of reproductive care that is also about creating wonderful families and access to family care.

Echoing Banks, CRR President and CEO Nancy Northup said in a statement: They are “proud to partner with these powerful artists” and “know the impact these artists can have in advocating for change and reaching new audiences to raise awareness about reproductive rights issues.”

For Banks’ part, she believes that equality of the sexes can only be achieved through abortion:

I believe that women’s equality begins with our fundamental human rights over bodily autonomy. So I feel like this is baseline for female equality in the world, deciding when and with whom to have children.

Banks held up Shrill, the Hulu show she was executive producer of, “as an example of how creative projects can advance the conversation.” The show’s main character (played by Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant) infamously said she felt “really, really good,” “very fucking powerful” after her abortion.

THR reported Banks “wants to make the Center as much of a household name as Planned Parenthood, because when clinics are ‘under attack,’ the Center swoops in to keep ‘abortion as the law of the land.’” Planned Parenthood is already working with Hollywood to wedge in abortion stories and its agenda has been prominent on TV for years. It’s hard to imagine adding even more abortion propaganda on screen.


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