Survey: Nearly 30% of Respondents Say Santa Claus Should Transition to Female — Or Just Become Gender-Neutral

We have now transitioned from slightly off kilter to totally insane.

Activists have been demanding that everything become perverted even though the vast majority of the people are sane with some semblance of morality.

These people have every right to live life however they see fit but they should not be able to dictate to the vast majority.

But, now 30% of the people polled says that Santa should transition into a woman or become gender neutral.

A recent poll asked people what changes there should be to Santa Claus and most of them got support in the 5% to 10% range.

But when it came to gender, nearly 30% said Santa should transition into a woman or become gender neutral.

They are doing that same thing in the movies and those movies have been flaming out.

Even Star Wars has gone with a female Jedi who shares a lesbian kiss and even that movie is being hailed as a failure.

If I were a young parent once again, there is no way I would be for any of this, much less drag queens reading at the local library.

From The Blaze

Survey says!

Nearly 30% of respondents from the U.K. and U.S. said Santa should become gender-neutral or female as part of a modernization or rebranding effort.

Breaking things down further, just over 17% of all respondents said Santa should become gender-neutral while only 10.6% said he should transition to a woman. And while the breakdown between the U.S. and U.K. was essentially the same regarding the female question, a good bit more U.S. respondents than U.K. respondents supported the idea of Santa becoming gender-neutral.

Anything else?

So, should Santa become more “hipster”? The survey says no, with less than 4% of respondents agreeing with that statement.

Some other statements and votes from all respondents:

  • He should drink beer: 6.19%
  • He should have tattoos: 7.35%
  • He should shave his beard: 4.73%
  • He should travel in an electric car: 10%

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