DC Lawyer’s Video Calling Democrat Impeachment All ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Goes Viral

Self-described “political lawyer” Dan Backer, Esq., the founder of the website political.law, took to social media to post a video to provide simple proof that President Donald Trump broke no laws, and that the House Democrat impeachment is a complete sham.


From the website:

political.law is a cutting edge campaign finance and political law firm in Alexandria, VA, providing comprehensive legal guidance to PACs, campaigns, and political organizations on the entire range of candidate, campaign, campaign finance, and organizational regulations. Our firm provides a broad suite of personalized services, support, and strategic advice to our clients, and has not shied away from zealously advancing clients’ interests before the Federal Election Commission and in federal court, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the 48 second video clip Backer posted, he gives his name and admits that he is a political lawyer who works in Washington, D.C.

From there, Backer says that instead of reading through all 658 pages of the Democrat impeachment articles and report, he will simply turn to his laptop and reveal a web page of the United States Code (USC), courtesy of Cornell University.

I’ve actually used the same database on the same web site to do research for David.

2You can enter a search term just like you do in Google and other search engines, except on this site only legal terms found in the USC will return.

One of the articles against Trump is for “Abuse of Power,” and so the attorney enters that into the database as a search term, and son of a b*tch, nothing shows up, revealing that 0there’s no such crime called Abuse of Power in the entire USC.

After the search, Backer says that the Democrats are trying to impeach the president because they don’t like him, and they’re using a “high crime and misdemeanor” that isn’t even a law, referring to the Democrat impeachment process as ‘smoke and mirrors.’

The other article of impeachment is for “Obstruction of Congress,” which is laughable on the face of it.

The Executive branch and the Legislative branch are two separate and co-equal branches of government.  The Democrats want to set a precedent that the Office of the President is subservient to the Congress, and that’s not how it works.

There is no obstructing of Congress.  The Democrats came up with that, because the president refused to go along with their unconstitutional impeachment farce.  When there are disputes between these two branches they turn to the third branch of government, the Judicial branch, to have them work it out.

That’s why we have a Judicial branch, but as Backer claimed, the Democrats have nothing on this president, and they are only impeaching him because they don’t like him and they’re trying to harm his chances at getting reelected.

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