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Bodycam Footage Shows Fired Atlanta Cop Desperately Trying To Save Rayshard Brooks’ Life [VIDEO]

The police officer who shot dead Rayshard Brooks begged the father-of-four to stay alive as he administered CPR to the dying man according to video shot on the scene via bodycam footage.

Former officer Garrett Rolfe, 27, shot Brooks twice in the back on Friday June 12 when a peaceful call, peaceful by both the police and Brooks, all of a sudden escalated into unspeakable violence by Brooks first attacking the police officers, and then taking an officer’s taser gun and eventually firing it on the cops.

Rolfe’s bodycam fell off his uniform during the violent scuffle that broke out when he tried to apply handcuffs to Brooks, telling him that according to the breathalyzer test he’d had too much to drink to be driving.

Rolfe has been charged with murder by a crooked DA who has a lot of problems of his own right now, and is using the case to win an election.

After you watch the footage, ask yourself if the cop murdered Brooks.  Ask yourself why would a man who intended to murder someone be trying to save his life after the shooting?  It doesn’t add up.

As you will see, the officers did everything by the book.  What happened was at the fault of Rayshard Brooks, not the police.

The officers got the call because Brooks fell asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle while he was still in line at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

However the camera didn’t stop recording.  It was eventually picked up and carried around the scene by other officers who were called out to investigate the shooting before eventually being returned to its rightful owner.

We can now reveal what occurred in the moments after the shooting when Rolfe and fellow officer Devin Brosnan, 26, desperately fought to save Brooks’ life.

While there were angry shouts and accusations from people watching nearby, Rolfe can be clearly heard pleading, ‘Mr. Brooks keep breathing. Keep breathing for me.’

The bodycam footage, though bouncing around, captures him kneeling on the ground and giving Brooks CPR as Brosnan looks on.

Rolfe can be seen in the video administering CPR to Brooks until the ambulance arrived, and he can be heard repeatedly calling our Brooks’ name as he tried to keep him alive.


It has also been revealed that Rolfe has since told friends that he didn’t want to pull the trigger but did so because he feared that he he ‘went down’ Brooks would possibly kill him.

That’s a real concern.  If you’re shot with a taser it immobilizes you immediately, and a suspect with the taser could then do anything he wants to harm an officer.

Daily Mail spoke exclusively to someone close to Rolfe who said, “Garret didn’t want to do it. He had been punched and was dazed. Brooks had gone to tase him and he said that he knew that if he went down Brooks might kill him.”

Brooke injured Officer Rolfe with a punch he landed during the scuffle that was started by Brooks when the officer tried to handcuff him.  The former cop was knocked down for a moment and didn’t know where Officer Devin Brosnan was.

The source said, “He told me he fired a shot up above his (Brooks’s) head but he didn’t stop and so he fired twice more. He didn’t want to do it. There’s no hate in Garrett’s body. He doesn’t hate black. He doesn’t hate white. In that moment he was in fear for his life.”

Rolfe was the second officer to arrive on the scene at the Wendy’s restaurant on University Avenue in Atlanta on Friday night.

He got to the scene about 10 minutes after Brosnan arrived being the first one on the scene for the call when the complaint was phoned in that Brooks was blocking the drive-thru lane.

Here’s what the mainstream news media probably didn’t tell you.

The video shows that Brosnan would have probably let Brooks go, but it was Brooks’ behavior that gave the officer probable cause to look further into what was really going on.

Brosnan woke Brooks up from a sound sleep behind the wheel of his vehicle, and asked him to pull ahead into a parking space.  He actually had to ask him a secoind time when Brooks immediately fells asleep again!

So, a cop wakes you up and asks you to move your car, and you fall asleep again?  Any reasonable person would start to wonder if the man had been drinking or if he was on some kind of drug that would make him so tired that he would fall asleep in the face of an officer who just woke him up and asked him to move his vehicle.

It gets worse.

Officer Brosnan then stood there and watched as Brooks plowed over the cement curb  of the space he was asked to pull into.

That led to questioning and then a breathalyzer test and the rest is history.

The point here is the police had every right to question Brooks because of his own bizarre behavior.  If he was drunk or on drugs he could have put everyone in his vicinity in danger with his vehicle.

Here’s bodycam footage from the beginning of the incident.  Notice how confused Brooks is.  He doesn’t know where he is.  He’s guessing multiple times where in Georgia he currently is, and the officers are telling him he’s nowhere near the places he’s guessing.  He takes a Breathalyzer test and the officer holds it up so that you can see he’s over the legal limit.  Then, the worst happens, and he resists arrest and the rest we all know.

This did not have to happen.  It was a DUI at that point.  Yeah, it’s not good, but it wouldn’t have caused his death.  The officers did everything professionally from beginning to end.  They were polite to Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Brooks was polite to them.  But for he resisted arrest, and violently, he would still be alive today.

My fear is in the current climate, Rolfe will not get a fair trial anywhere in the US.  But now you know the truth that the crooked DA, who is using this case to win an election he was certainly about to lose, will never tell you.

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