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Tulsa Enacts Curfew! Received Credible Threats Of Violence At Upcoming Trump Rally!

Just like everything else these days, those involved in gatherings must be ready for change, on the fly. The recent violence around the country has just created chaos for those faithful Trump supporters, standing in line outside the venue in Tulsa for Saturday’s rally.  According to a last-minute executive order, a 10 pm curfew went into effect in order to clear out the area so the city could get ready for the Trump Rally. Everyone had to pick up their chairs, head to their hotel room and can Friday morning.

The first question my wife and I had was, why out of nowhere? Then we felt terrible for those who had to abandon their spaces in line having to abruptly pick up and head to the hotel. All I could think was, ANTIFA and/or maybe BLM anarchists might have started on their way to Oklahoma and the police did not want any issues.

According to Breitbart

Confusion descended upon downtown Tulsa on Thursday evening after the mayor issued a curfew for the area surrounding the BOK Center, where Trump supporters have already begun gathering in anticipation of Saturday’s rally.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum (R) signed an executive order instituting a 10 p.m. curfew for the area around the Bank of Oklahoma (BOK) Center, where the president’s rally is set to take place.

“As part of our preparations for President Trump’s Rally this Saturday, we are working on making the area secure for everyone’s safety,” the Tulsa Police Department said in a statement posted to social media late Thursday.

“In an effort to start clearing the area, Mayor GT Bynum has signed Executive Order 2020-11 which places a curfew for the area in the map,” the statement continued.

“As Mayor, I have received information from the Tulsa Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that shows that individuals from organized groups who have been involved in destructive or violent behavior in other states are planning to travel to the City of Tulsa for purposes of causing unrest in and around the rally,” the order states.

The order was placed on the police department’s Facebook page Thursday night at 9:30 PM.


So there you have it. The Soros funded mob has been made it known they will be heading to Tulsa to try to disrupt President Trump’s first rally since the country started re-opening. Hopefully the police, with the extra preparation, can ensure a smooth and safe evening for all the attendees preventing a fiasco like an event in Silicon Valley in 2016.

AG Barr should have some of his team now heading to the city, in case there is more domestic terrorism perpetrated by these groups. Praying for everything to smoothly and that the strong Oaklahoma police, take care of business, as trained and with vigor.


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