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Alert: Democrat Operatives Launch Series Of Terror Attacks On US Targets

The domestic terrorist group known as antifa is at it again.

Last night was antifa’s Night of National Autonomy in Portland, and to celebrate, the domestic terrorists attacked the HQ of the Portland School System burning vehicles belonging to different school districts. The building was heavily damaged, but we do not know the full extent of it yet.

This is just more of the nonviolent protests they spoke about last week on PMSDNC. (aka: MSNBC)

Eugene Youth Liberation Front, a radical far-left organization has been responsible for attacks on schools in the past and they have commented on the action by Antifa. Blah blah blah blah. We love it.  and yet Deep State Chris Wray refuses to label them as domestic terrorists even as he goes after conservatives most of whom did not break into the Capitol, they were let in by Capitol police but did not attack anyone or vandalize the building.

Ngo has become somewhat of an expert on antifa and he was once beaten by them so badly he had to go to the hospital and he suffered from bleeding from the brain.

Ngo suggested that BLM could have also been involved in the attack but that has not been confirmed at the time of this writing.

From Fox News

He did not go into detail on what the “mantra” was that combined the two groups, known as the Anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter (BLM). The two groups have frequently been lumped together following the summer demonstrations by BLM protestors, which often turned into violent nighttime riots by Antifa.

“While I am relieved that no one was hurt and there was no further damage to the building, this malicious act of arson and property destruction last night was criminal and it has no place in our community,” Portland Public School Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero said in a Saturday statement.

“This act of violence will not deter us from our commitment to educating our students, providing them meals, or any of the other work we are privileged to carry out every day in support of our students and families.”

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