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Alert: It’s Official … California Has Fallen!

Those of us who have ever run or managed a business know full well that the path that California is traveling down leads to one place and one place only: economic ruin.

This is exactly why the elite, or so called elite, are so desperate to crash the United States economy and install a global government.

If there were only one nation, one global government, we would live under total tyranny and there would be no where to escape to.  Unfortunately for California, the elite have not completed their plans for a one world government and places like Texas and Florida exist.

The only problem is that those leftists who flee California are bringing their commie policies with them and will eventually run the states that graciously welcome them into the ground as well.

Fox Business reported:

‘UCLA professor Lee Ohanian argued on “Mornings with Maria” on Monday that California’smass exodus is “really just a matter of simple economics.”

“California’s becoming too expensive and too inefficient compared to alternatives,” the economics professor said.

He added that “the root cause” of the exodus out of the state is because of “a failure of governance by state policy makers that’s created the 48th worst tax climate in the country and the 48th worst regulatory burden.”

“Those regulatory burdens include regulations that make it extremely difficult and extremely expensive to build housing,” Ohanian, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, noted.

The Hoover Institution is “a public policy think tank promoting the principles of individual, economic, and political freedom,” according to its website.

Several large firms, including Oracle, Tesla and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have recently announced their plans to leave the Golden State.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing in December that the San Jose, California-based tech company is moving its headquarters to Houston, Texas.

Less than two weeks later, Oracle announced it is joining Tesla and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in moving some operations to Texas, detailing the move in a filing with the SEC.

Ohanian told host Maria Bartiromo that many of those businesses “are moving to Texas where that $1.3 million home might cost $400,000 so it’s really just a matter of simple economics.”’

Now it is only a matter of time before the infection of communism or its precursor ‘Democratic Socialism’ beings to plague the few states we conservatives have left to enjoy.

While California’s collapse into a commie hellhole was 100% predictable, it will ultimately result in the collapse of the rest of the sates … unless we apply the proper tourniquet, in this case, the only way to stop the bleeding is secession.

Let’s divide the nation up and let the left eat themselves, as long as we have our own land to live as we see fit, as the Founders saw fit, free to pursue the American Dream, and not get dragged into a commie nightmare.

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