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Breaking: 2 More Huge Shootings Just As Democrats Seek To Take Our Guns

Well, what do you know, another tragedy strike in a Blue State.  It seems like the United States is in the middle of another rash of mass shootings, strangely, it’s happening just as the Democrats move to take the guns.

Just yesterday the Biden White House said that Biden would issue a royal decree, or as we call them in the United States ‘Executive Order’ on gun control.

Many have speculated that this royal decree will have something to do with semi-automatic weapons and so called ‘high capacity magazines’.  The speculation comes from Biden’s comments about banning ‘assault rifles’ (which are already banned BTW) and mags over a few rounds.

If I had to guess, I would say that Biden’s EO would be a rule change for enforcement stating that all gun sales, even when a father hands a firearms down to his or her children, must be accompanied by a background check.  However, that’s just a guess.

Here is what Fox News is reporting:

‘At least two shootings — one of them involving a police officer — near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in southeastern Virginia left at least two dead and eight wounded on Friday night, according to police.

One of the deceased was killed by police and the other, a woman, was killed in a separate shooting, according to a statement from the Virginia Beach Police Department. 

An officer was also hit by a car but was expected to survive, WVEC-TV Norfolk reporter Ali Weatherton reported. 

The eight surviving victims were all transported to hospitals with gunshot wounds ranging from serious to life-threatening, police said. 

What you can see is we have a very chaotic incident, a very chaotic night in the Beach,” police Chief Paul Neudigate said, according to FOX 43 in Virginia Beach. “Many different crime scenes.”

Several people were reportedly in custody, being questioned by police. Police have not said if any arrests have been made. 

Shortly after 1 a.m. ET Saturday, Virginia Beach police tweeted that “several victims” had “possibly life-threatening injuries.”

Virgina Peach PD tweeted:

‘VBPD is investigating a shooting involving several victims with possibly life-threatening injuries. Large police presence at the oceanfront between 17th and 22nd St. Please avoid the area at this time. More to follow as it becomes available. @CityofVaBeach

Ali Weatherton 13News Now tweeted:

Massive police scene at the #VirginiaBeach oceanfront. Overheard a police officer say, “this is bad.” I am currently waiting for an official release from police. #13NewsNow

Brett Hall tweeted videos from one of the scenes:

#BREAKING Massive law enforcement response ⁦ @CityofVaBeach Oceanfront following reports of a shooting ⁦ @WAVY_News

Followed by another tweet featuring a video of a Police Officer giving a summary of the station on the ground:

#BREAKING 2 are dead after multiple shootings at the @CityofVaBeach Oceanfront. 1 was shot by a @VBPD officer, another 8 shot in an incident that started outside at 20th and Atlantic. Officer was stuck by car at 20th and Pacific, he’s expected to be okay @WAVY_News

It sure is strange how every time the Democrats want to take our guns the news becomes flooded with accounts of mass shootings.  How long has it been since we head about a huge shooting like the half dozen or so tragedies that have dominated the news cycle in the past week or so?

I can not tell you if there is an increase in shootings recently or if the national media is just paying more attention to them, either way, it sure is strange how the TV always find stories to push the left’s narratives.

It’s worth noting that we think that these events are reprehensible and worth of news coverage.  We are in no way trying to trivialize these heinous shootings. We just think it’s curious how they always occur, or get more attention, when they are determined to take our guns.

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