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Breaking: Supreme Court Rules On President Trump & Attorney Lin Wood’s Final Election Challenge

It’s almost laughable how the media made such a big deal out of Trump getting to appoint 3 Justices to the Supreme Court.  They lost this minds over it, it was supposed to make Trump the most powerful man in the history of American politics.

I don’t know if the Justices think they have an obligation to rule against Trump to ‘prove’ they are their own person, if they are compromised or if they were just bad pics, but the motley crew has refused to hear a single case brought about the 2020 election and the gaping holes in it’s security.

Today, the final challenge was dismissed … without so much as even an utterance.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘The US Supreme Court dismissed President Trump’s final election challenge on Monday without comment.

What a dark day for America.
Democrats are now allowed to make any changes to election law whenever they feel necessary without consequence.

The Supreme Court also threw out Attorney Lin Wood’s election challenge without comment.’

The Supreme Court turned down EVERY SINGLE election case this year without comment.
What a tragedy.

It was the Trump Wisconsin case that was dismissed this morning.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  No one on the right trusts the out come of the election and this has eroded our faith in future elections.  The only way to heal this wound (no, it’s not to give us the result we wanted to see) is to publicly adjudicate the situation so the evidence can be seen and weighed by the American people.

The Supreme Court has refused to allow this, the only real remedy to the crisis of confidence in our electoral system, to occur.  I would not be surprised if this is the moment we look back on and think … this election, this is where it all went to s….

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