Breaking: Election Results To Face Official Audit After Recount Shows 13.5% Stolen Votes! Just Waiting On House To Confirm

The House in New Hampshire will be voting on SB43 which mandates an audit of Windham’s disturbing November 3, 2020, general election results.

The recount shows that Republicans were shorted 1,363 votes from a total of just 10, 006 ballots.

The Senate passed the measure in February by a 24 to 0 vote. The measure could pass by a voice vote but any member off the House can insist that it be voted on separately.

The Bill was subsequently strengthened via a house amendment and passed by the House Election Law Committee 20-0. Considering the fact that both votes were unanimous, there should be no problem getting the bill passed and sent on to the Republican governor for his signature.

The recount showed that each Republican was shorted almost exactly 300 votes in the election. But the Republicans all won anyway.

Via Granite Grok:

Please contact all NH State Reps TODAY (easy email address lists below) and respectfully ask that they support SB43.  Your voice makes a difference!

This important Bill is currently part of the House Consent Calendar, which is usually passed by a voice vote without incident along with all of the other Bills on the Consent Calendar. But any State Representative is entitled to pull a Bill from the Consent Calendar and ask for it to be voted on separately. 

If that happens, them amendments could also be proposed and voted on and it could get messy… so as a measure of caution, it is important to let our State Representatives know that we want them to support SB43.

Senate Bill SB43 mandates an audit of Windham’s disturbing November 3, 2020 general election results that produced a massive discrepancy between the machine vote tally for the State Rep race on election day and a hand recount 9 days later. The recount showed a difference of 1,363 votes for the State Rep race being shifted with only 10,006 ballots were cast. That is a big discrepancy – and we need to know why!

Senator Bob Giuda spearheaded a herculean effort to push SB43 through the Senate with a 24-0 vote in February because the AG’s office refused to perform an investigation into the disturbing results. The Bill was subsequently strengthened via a house amendment and passed by the House Election Law Committee 20-0. It will now be voted on by the full house tomorrow or Thursday.

The passage of SB43 into law is critical to ensure election integrity is verified not only in Windham, but across NH – because the same machines are used to count 85% of all votes in NH.

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