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Dems Call For ‘A No-Fly List For Unvaccinated Adults’


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Here we go again!  More draconian measures being discussed to literally punish Americans who CHOOSE not to get an experimental vaccine.  People already are shamed in public through a federal government created propaganda machine that spits out the Marxist views of the current regime.

If the damn airlines are so worried about the biological Wuhan, China virus, then they should install the same air purifiers that some dentist offices are using to clean the air in their offices so that patients and staff have a safer environment.

Why is the burden on the people to be forced to take a knee and  bow to tyranny? All one has to do is look at who is pushing this horrific human rights violations as Breitbart Newsexplains:

Former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security under President Obama Juliette Kayyem called Tuesday for the Biden administration to restrict the unvaccinated from flying by placing them on a no-fly list.

Kayyem claimed in the Atlantic that “a no-fly list for unvaccinated adults is an obvious step that the federal government should take” due to TSA PreCheck, which “divide[s] passengers into categories according to how much of a threat the government thinks they pose.”

At the time of publication, the headline for the piece echoed this line, stating bluntly: “Unvaccinated People Belong on the No-Fly List.” The headline has since been changed to a more ambiguous sentence: “Unvaccinated People Need to Bear the Burden.”

The original headline still appears on social media shares of the article from The Atlantic‘s own account.

Well, that could be that the revised headline- “Unvaccinated People Need to Bear the Burden” completely sucks. Some lib got paid to write that- what a joke.

Why is NOBODY discussing the actual solutions and putting EMPLOYERS on notice instead of allowing them to eradicate your rights as well as destroying the HIPPA laws that protect a persons medical rights?

That’s right, if a business is so worried about the virus then they should install the air purifiers.  I keep bringing these up because I have seen them in a dentist office and they have them all around their business.  When I inquired about them, they were open and honest about what they were and why they had them installed and they WORK.

There is your damn solution and THAT is what people should be demanding, instead of pushing an experimental vaccine that has horrific side effects and nobody knows long-term effects because everyone who got them are the damn test subjects!

Breitbart furthered:

“If you submit to heightened scrutiny in advance,” Kayyem said, “TSA PreCheck lets you go through security without taking off your shoes; a no-fly list keeps certain people off the plane entirely.”

They let you keep your shoes on? What kind of garbage is that? Absolutely ridiculous.

The author continues:

Flying is not a right, and the case for restricting it to vaccinated people is straightforward: The federal government is the sole entity that can regulate the terms and conditions of airline safety. And although air-filtration systems and mask requirements make transmission of the coronavirus unlikely during any given passenger flight, infected people can spread it when they leave the airport and take off their mask. The whole point of international-travel bans is to curb infections in the destination country; to protect itself, the United States still has many such restrictions in place. Beyond limiting the virus’s flow from hot spots to the rest of the country, allowing only vaccinated people on domestic flights will change minds, too.

Kayyem also suggests the “holdouts” with “a variety of motivations” include 41 percent of the unvaccinated that said “a prohibition on airline travel would get them closer to their shots.”

Kayyem champions shaming the unvaccinated, who should “face scorn among their peer group” and “may even be happy to have an excuse to protect themselves,” along with celebrating Broadway, Disney, and Walmart for forcing the unvaccinated to give up “certain societal benefits” to practice their their individuality and freedom of choice.

“Amid a global health crisis,” Kayyem continues, “people who defy public-health guidance are not, and do not deserve to be, a protected class.”

The former assistant secretary’s diktats align with President Joe Biden’s shaming and punishing of those who refuse to become vaccinated.

For instance, Biden told churchgoers in April they were being ungodly if they did not receive a vaccine.

“I think this is the Godly thing to do. Protect your brother and sister,” he stated. “That’s what this is about. It’s about protecting people.”


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