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Lightfoot Loses Control: Police Turn Their Backs On Mayor When She Dares To Show Up At Hospital

Of all the people who you can’t figure out how they got where they are, I think Joe Biden tops the lists … well, we know how he got there, it’s a 5 letter word and it starts with F – – – -.

Perhaps even worse is that the ‘good’ men and women of Chicago choose this Lightfoot bigot and incompetent as their Mayor.

Not since Al Capone and his boys has the Windy City seen so much violence.  Perhaps never before has its officers been at such risk of life and limb ….

Julian Conradson of The Gateway Pundit writes:

‘This past weekend, a Chicago police officer was murdered and her partner was critically injured when they were ambushed by a hail of gunfire as they conducted a traffic stop in West Englewood.

29-year-old officer Ella French was shot and killed in the tragic Saturday night attack. She had just returned from maternity leave.

Tragic: Female Chicago Police Officer Murdered During Traffic Stop Leaves Behind Infant Daughter

The other police officer who was with French was wounded and is currently fighting for his life at the University of Chicago hospital.

Late Saturday night, Hundreds of fellow officers gathered outside the Medical Center in a breathtaking show of solidarity to support their injured “brother” and murdered “sister” who were ambushed just hours before.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who’s incompetence has directly led to a massive surge in violent crime in the city, also made a visit to the hospital.

As she approached the 30+ grieving officers and the patients family, it was clear she was not welcome.

When Lightfoot tried to address the group, they all walked to the other side of the room and turned their backs on the disgrace of a mayor.


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