Gov Abbott’s Plan To Restore Texas Will Make You Proud: Bring Back God, And ‘Good Parenting’

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Greg Abbott, Republican Governor of Texas, proposed bringing God back into the community and restoring the parent’s roles in the rearing of their own children. His comments came as Abbott signed his new bill that forces violent criminals to pay cash to bail out and removed their option to get out on bond alone.

According to Texas Tribune, Senate Bill 6 was passed by the Texas Legislature last month, after Abbott declared changes to the state’s bail system an emergency at the beginning of the state’s regular legislative session that began in January. At a summit in Houston, Abbott said the bail bill, named after a slain state trooper, was one he would have called lawmakers back for continuous special legislative sessions until they passed it.

Allen was murdered during a traffic stop and the accused was out on a $15,500 bond after reportedly assaulting another officer. Abbott’s hope is to keep more violent criminals behind bars until their day in court. This is just one part of Abbott’s plan to restore Texas and fight crime.

“We need better parenting, greater parental involvement. We need to restore God in our communities,” Abbott said. “If we do that, we will be able to reduce crime in this region.”

Abbott has received a ton of hate lately. Partly for speaking out about reports of child abuse at Biden’s detention centers for abandoned immigrant children. But mainly because Texas was able to pass a new ‘heartbeat law’ that bans abortion after 6 weeks of gestation when the baby’s heartbeat is finally detectable via ultrasound.

Biden’s Department of Justice step out of their normal roles and submitted an emergency motion late Tuesday seeking a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction on Texas’ ban on abortions after six weeks.

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