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Dems Refuse To Say Pledge Of Allegiance On House Floor [Video]

Laura Ingraham once hilariously suggested that the Democrat Party should be investigated for any ties to … The United States of America.

That line has always stuck with me and on occasions like this one I always think about it and just how much truth lies in the one liner.

I don’t know that ‘Democrats hate America’ per say, I just think that they prefer that we all lived under a Soviet Union style tyranny, one with them at the helm, of course.

What makes me question their loyalty to the greatest experiment in self governance in the history of planet Earth?

Well … it’s a long list, but let’s start with their desire to end it, and their distain for it …

Fox News reported:

‘House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler denied Rep. Matt Gaetz’s request to begin each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance saying the committee is “covered” as the House already begins each day with it.

Gaetz, R-Fla., asked that “in the spirit of national unity and pride,” the Judiciary Committee begin each meeting with the Pledge.

Gaetz, who’s made a name for himself as a spirited Trump loyalist, said that in these divided times, it would signal a “great, unifying patriotic moment.”

“It’s unnecessary,” Nadler shot back. “The House begins every day with the Pledge of Allegiance, we’re covered by that.”

Nadler said it’s not necessary to say it twice during the same day, saying, “It’s not in our practice to do so.”

“I appreciate the gentleman’s suggestion but we are covered by the House,” Nadler said. “We all say the Pledge of Allegiance every day.”

Gaetz and Nadler have butted heads on the committee numerous times, from the Mueller investigation to matters of President Trump’s impeachment.

Some took Gaetz’s request as “virtue signaling,” while others thought Nadler’s response made the pledge seem like an obligation.

“I proposed that we begin each meeting of the House Judiciary Committee by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Democrats just said ‘no,'” Gaetz wrote on Twitter of the incident. ‘

They are happy to close prayers by saying ‘Amen … and a woman’ but they can’t say the pledge?

Ask yourself, what about the pledge of allegiance makes the Democrats so worried?

May they not know the words … or are they worried they’ll accidentially recite the CCP’s oath?

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