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Black Man Says Everything We Have All Wanted to Say to Biden Voters

ICYMI| A Black Trump supporter lost it at a local gas station over those who voted for Joe Biden. In a video posted to Instagram, the infuriated man paces around a gas station wondering why those who voted for Joe Biden do not stand up and support that vote.

He said that as a Trump voter he is constantly asked to explain himself but Biden voters are given a pass.

Maybe it’s because Republicans have jobs and don’t have the time to protest for 120 straight days like Democrats did in Portland.

One hundred days have come and gone and Democratic voters cannot point to a single bill passed to help them out but their dozens of actions benefitting China, Iran and illegal aliens. Biden just stole $2 billion from COVID-19 healthcare to pay for housing illegal immigrants.

He paced around the gas station saying that Biden voters “ain’t saying nothing.” Can you blame them? It would be extremely embarrassing to admit you voted for Biden after he flooded the country with illegals and has set off a chain leading to high inflation.

He was in Washington for 34 years and never accomplished anything, why would you believe he could do a good job as president?

The man said:

Where the f-ck are the Joe Biden supporters? I can tell y’all why I support Trump, tell me why y’all support this motherf-cker.”

“I had to stand behind that sh-t every f-cking day. I don’t hear no motherf-cking body telling me why they support Joe Biden or all this goofy sh-t.”

“YES. YOU SUPPORT IT. If you voted for Joe Biden you support all of this sh-t. When I was with Trump I had to tell you that I supported every f-cking thing that he did, and I justified what the f-ck he did.”

“Turning your little boys into little girls, you can’t tell me you’re with that sh-t. YOU VOTED FOR JOE BIDEN, YOU’RE WITH IT. You all want to detach yourselves from everything that Joe Biden’s doing like it’s just him, no. You voted for him. That’s what the f-ck you wanted. OWN IT.

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