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VIDEO: Hall of Fame Guitarist Nearly Dies on Stage After Aneurysm Following Jab

Anyone paying attention to mainstream media’s COVID-19 narrative will understand one repetitive detail. They parrot the talking points spewed by liberal politicians. According to the fake news puppets, every surge in the pandemic is because of the unvaccinated.

That’s what Joe Biden and his cronies at the White House say, so mainstream media repeats it, true or not. The same situation applies to every single COVID-19 policy recommendation or mandate. Whatever the left says, fake news insists that this is the only truth.

They are wrong. They are lying. One huge push by the Biden administration involves the COVID-19 vaccination. Again, Joe Biden placed the blame for every new case of the virus squarely on the unvaccinated. That is not true.

Biden’s bureaucratic medical experts have also perpetrated another falsehood. Everyone insists that you must get vaccinated to “save your life”, and potentially “save the life of your loved ones”. That’s not true either.

In fact, there is an alarming increase in data pointing out serious potential side effects. Those who choose to conform and “get the jab” could be at serious risk. Mainstream media purposefully avoid reporting potentially life-threatening consequences of getting the vaccination.

All the while ignoring the facts about vaccine side effects, closely tabulated by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), they refuse to discuss COVID-19 treatment breakthroughs. This is journalistic malfeasance.

However, when videos are uncovered proving that the vaccine itself could be harmful, there is no escape. But mainstream media will still try to suppress them. Such live footage, showing the dangerous vaccine side effects, surfaced last September.

However, it was buried. The story began when all band members from Judas Priest were forced to get the COVID-19 vaccination to perform live. Richie Faulkner is Judas Priest’s lead guitar player. Faulkner would be deemed a picture of health.

He does not do drugs, and at 41-years-old, probably was at minimal risk of serious illness from the virus. Nevertheless, the entire band had to get vaccinated or not play at many live venues. Faulkner didn’t get COVID-19. However, he almost died on stage because of it.

An otherwise healthy 41-year-old suffered from an aortic aneurysm live on stage during a concert. Faulkner had to have reconstructive heart surgery. You can check the data to find out how impractical that is for a 41-year-old male, especially one in top-notch health.

The vast majority of people who have such a massive coronary never make it to the hospital alive. Faulkner is very lucky. Besides being grateful to be alive, he also feels the COVID-19 vaccination is directly responsible for what happened to him.

Nevertheless, the band and its promoters are reluctant to speak out. They fear of a backlash from the corrupt mainstream media, especially within the music industry. Thousands of Americans are being kept in the dark about potentially dangerous COVID-19 vaccine-related side effects.

It’s because Joe Biden wants to force every American to conform. There is a growing sense that millions of people do not need, and never did need, to be vaccinated. The powers of natural immunity are being purposefully ignored as well. Americans should all be asking why?

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