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Supreme Court Stabs Trump In The Back, This Is Not Good!

ICYMI| Love him or hate him, I think it is fair to say that the biggest legacy of Trump’s presidency (other than getting the deep state to completely uncloak and go for broke) is the 3 Justices he put on the Supreme Court.

Conservatives had hoped that these Judges, who represent 33% of the entire high court, would be strict constitutionalist, just like Scalia was.  Sadly, it has not taken long for those hopes to be dashed.

Is there no one in the Swamp that keeps their promises?  Is there no one who will not sell their souls to attain more power?  Tragically, it appears that the answer to that question is no.

Earlier President Trump expressed his displeasure with Justices Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett, two of his appointments which he spent considerable political capital standing by when the wolves tried every dirty trick to derail them…

Christina Laila of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Trump said he is very disappointed in justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for voting to uphold Obamacare.

“I fought very hard for them,” Trump told Just the News in an exclusive interview Monday.

The Supreme Court last Thursday upheld Obamacare in the latest GOP challenge arguing a recent change to the individual mandate made it unconstitutional.

The highest court of the land in a 7-2 vote ruled the GOP challengers, 18 red states led by Texas, did not have legal standing.

Two out of three Trump appointees, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, sided with the majority.

Neil Gorsuch dissented.

Both Alito and Gorsuch dissented and said the court should have declared it unconstitutional.

“I fought very hard for them,” Trump told Just the News’ “Water Cooler” in an exclusive interview on Real America’s Voice. “But I was very disappointed with a number of their rulings.”

“Second guessing does no good,” Trump added asserting that he’s not indulging second thoughts about having nominated Kavanaugh and ACB. “But I was disappointed with a number of rulings that they made.”’

I think it is time we start talking about dissolving the union that is the United States federal government and exploring options that consist of smaller, more homogeneous collections of states, what say you?

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