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Mike Lindell Ambushed, Assaulted By Thugs

In Case You Missed It … these are the tactics the left loves to engage in when someone starts asking questions they don’t like …

| Mike Lindell has become the face of effort to expose discrepancies, and according to Mr. MyPillow and his team, ‘FRAUD’ in the 2020 presidential election.

If I had told you 4 years ago that ‘The Pillow Guy’ from those over the top informercials (and every other commercial on Fox News) was going to be one of the leaders in American politics you would have had me committed.

Well, in modern American politics literally ANYTHING can happen, and does more often than not, or so it seems.

With the American political landscape so full of grifters and hustlers, it is nearly impossible to know who you can trust and who is trying to get one over on you.  I pray that Mike has picked the right people to trust, as he has put his pillow empire on the line, and that’s not all.

In a way the entire idea that elections in this country are no longer on the up and up rests in Lindell’s hands.  Because of this he has become a target.  Mike is not just a target of the hacks in the media and the cancel culture cucks, but also physical bullies.

Just like in 1930’s Germany, anyone who speaks out against the ruling regime is met with violence …

Jordan Conradson at The Gateway Pundit explains:

Last night, Mike Lindell was attacked after his cyber symposium event.

RSBN Tweeted:

BREAKING: Lindell was violently
attacked last night

He is speaking now, “I’m okay but it hurts” he says.

Mike Lindell is a true patriot! Pray for Mike  Stay tuned for updates

RSBN Reports:

No matter what you think of Mike Lindell, no one deserves to be physically assaulted for bringing information to light.  We too are praying for Mike and everyone in America’s safety, no matter what their politics are.

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