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the Golden Turkey Goes to… // (John Hinderaker).

Bear in mind the good old days, when the most apparent difference between conservatives in addition to liberals was that conservatives objected to wasteful government shelling out? Now we live in a new where wastefulness is one regarding liberals’ better qualities.

Still, it should help to make us angry. More than ever, federal government at all levels is estradiot with taxpayers’ money, looking at it not only as their very own, but primarily as a means of getting votes. Moreover, states can’ t print money, whenever we want reasonable state taxation, a necessary condition is shelling out restraint.

That is why, several years ago, American Experiment inaugurated the Golden Turkey Prize . Following in the footsteps regarding William Proxmire’ s Gold Fleece, it exposes ludicrous waste in Minnesota’ t government spending. Each year, viewers and our own staff nominate four contenders for the Award. The winner is determined using the

This year we had several remarkable nominees: our state paid children to play outside the house; it spent tens of thousands of money promoting folk remedies regarding covid like burning sage and eating sauerkraut; and it also paid random citizens stipends of $6, 000- at the. g. a stripper who had been

But if you have been adopting the Feeding Our Future scandal, it can come as no surprise the Minnesota Department of Education and learning was voted this year’ s Golden Turkey. I actually presented the award for the Department of Education from their headquarters on a cool, windy afternoon. Here is the video clip of the presentation, which I desire you will find amusing:

One more thing: we introduced the award at three or more: 30 in the afternoon. This Typically the Department of Education constructing was dark, and there is not a single car inside the vast parking lot, other than mine. Is there anyone working in and/or with the To be truthful, that might be an improvement. But at the minimum, it suggests another location where the State of Mn could save money: the Section of Education’ s price range.

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