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Donald Trump blows a gasket when he learns of the latest betrayal

It’s clear that Turning Point USA is one of the most influential conservative groups in the Republican Party. Since its founding in 2012, they’ve been energizing young conservatives and have become a major player in conservative politics, thanks in part to their close ties with former President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr.

However, recent months have been challenging for many conservative groups, including Turning Point, following the GOP’s midterm elections. Despite this, I still believe that Turning Point and its founder, Charlie Kirk, have a bright future ahead of them.

As the 2024 primary campaign heats up, I’ve heard from multiple sources close to President Trump that he and some of his team are impressed by Charlie Kirk’s support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. A close adviser to President Trump recently spoke with him about this, and President Trump has been closely monitoring Kirk’s relationship with DeSantis since Turning Point hosted rallies across the country last summer with DeSantis as the headliner.

I believe that Kirk’s support for DeSantis shows his commitment to the conservative cause and his willingness to work with rising stars in the party like Governor DeSantis. President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who is a close ally of Kirk, has also pushed back on suggestions of any discord between Kirk and President Trump, stating that Kirk has been a strong and loyal ally to both President Trump and the family.

Others close to Kirk and President Trump have also disputed suggestions of a frayed relationship, and Kirk himself has stated that he loves and supports President Trump for 2024.

In my opinion, Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA have always been great allies of President Trump, and their support for Governor DeSantis is a testament to their commitment to the conservative cause. President Trump and his team are well aware of Turning Point’s efforts, and I have no doubt that they will continue to be a major player in conservative politics for years to come.

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