Beautiful Homeless Shelters Get Radical Redesign to Impact Residents

Path Home Family Village, credit Aaron Leitz. In an effort to curb the homeless epidemic, shelters are implementing trauma-informed design. For example, at Path Home Family Village, in Portland, Oregon there are natural bamboo wood roofs that sit above a naturally-lit area painted in seafoam The Tiny Home Village for Salt Lake City’s Homeless gets green light for 430 units. The shelter provides a sense of relief and privacy. The average stay is 85-days. A previous resident recently asked Brandi Tuck (the executive director) if he could marry his partner there. That’s a good indication that the principles Path Home is founded on are working.

 Poor shelters are making conscious decisions to use trauma-informed designs to make those who are sheltering feel relaxed, more intelligent, and secure in an effort to get a handle on the homeless epidemic. Healthy bamboo wood roofs, for instance, sit above a naturally lit area pained in seafoam efficient at Path Home Family Village in Portland, Oregon.
The first article to appear on Good News Network was Wonderful Homeless Shelters Get Radical Redesign to Impact Residents. 

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