Chicago Crooks Use Bike Sharing to Rob People

bicycle sharing. a insane ideal from the previous ten years. the notion that if people had access to a bike hire system, any American industrial downtown could be transformed into Amsterdam. We would all live in the infinite 15-minute city, biking to cafes before writing a novel on the newest iPad, as cars would vanish. The widespread electric scooters, which were quickly replaced by bike sharing and then by the fact that neither bicycle sharing nor scooter rentals ever made any sense, caught up to reality a while ago. However, one group is finding a use for Chicago’s Divvy system. According to the police, two to four people typically ride Divvy bikes while threatening their victims before robbing them of their belongings.
They also stole a victim’s car in one instance.
” I just think the whole idea is crazy ,” she said. They simply get on these bikes and leave, according to Felicia Davis, a downtown employee.
Police are currently looking for the military group that is causing trouble in the bike lanes.
” I hope they stop, or if they’re listening, kindly stop.” According to Brandon Wong, there are various ways to earn money. It resembles Paris exactly! The widely publicized bicycle rental program in Paris appears to be a tremendous success. The” Velib” bikes, which were introduced in July, were a part of the Paris mayor’s plan to reduce traffic and make the city more environmentally friendly. The self-service bicycles have completed about 3.7 million rides in only two months, and they appear to be altering how people move around the city.
It makes sense that Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago, decided to take a spin this week. According to Daley, the bikes might function in Chicago. They have, too. Consider the 2021 story. This week, a man on his bike was riding through an active intersection straight there when he was abruptly surrounded, shoved, and then removed from the bike.
The thief and his crew vanished in a matter of seconds. Additionally, on Thursday night, neighbors informed Jermont Terry of CBS 2 that the issue in the Loop’s center is getting worse.
On Wednesday night, there was a strange attack at Madison Street and Wabash Avenue. The Divvy bikes you can see in the area assisted the crew in fleeing.
The attack could have involved up to seven people. All of the attackers were riding Divvy bikes and were largely waiting for a target. Eventually, someone has discovered a use for bike sharing. 

Bike sharing. Bike sharing. The idea that a bike rental system could transform any American city into Amsterdam. The cars would disappear, and we’d all be living in a 15-minute city, cycling to cafes while typing a novel on our iPads.
In one instance, they even stole the victim’s vehicle.
“I think the whole thing is nuts.” Felicia Davis who works downtown said, “They just get on these bicycles and go away.”
The police are now on the hunt for the armed group that was causing trouble in the bike lane.
Brandon Wong said, “There are other ways to make money.” Brandon Wong said. “There are other ways to earn money.” It’s just like Paris. The much-heralded bike rental scheme in Paris appears to be a resounding hit. The self-service bicycles, which were launched in July, have already clocked up 3.7 million rides. They are changing the way people travel around the city.
It’s no wonder Chicago Mayor Richard Daley took a ride this week. Daley believes the bikes will work in Chicago. And they have. Take this story. A man riding his bike through a busy downtown intersection was suddenly surrounded and pushed off the bicycle.
The thief, his crew and the vehicle were gone within seconds. On Thursday night, CBS 2’s Jermont Ter was told by neighbors that the problem is growing in the heartland of the Loop and is only getting worse.
The attack happened at random on Wednesday night, between Madison Street and the Wabash Avenue. The Divvy bicycles you see all over town helped the crew escape.
The attack involved up to seven individuals. The attackers were all on Divvy bicycles, waiting for someone to attack.


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