Courageous dog gives birth to 7 puppies after surviving rattlesnake bite

A courageous dog in Arizona is recovering well after delivering a litter of seven puppies following a harrowing encounter with a venomous snake.

Kelsey Dickerson, a spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society, expressed awe at the canine’s resilience, stating, “Her story is absolutely incredible… It is definitely one of strength.”

The canine, named Molly, a pregnant mix of cattle dog and a homeless stray, was bitten by a rattlesnake. A compassionate passerby promptly transported her to an emergency animal clinic in Phoenix on May 17.

The one-year-old dog received essential anti-venom treatment at the clinic, and unexpectedly went into labor, giving birth to three puppies.

Rescue workers quickly transported Molly and her pups to the trauma hospital at the Arizona Humane Society. During the journey, Molly delivered two additional puppies in the pet ambulance.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the courageous mother and her litter of five received medical evaluations and were then made comfortable in the organization’s “mutternity suites.” Subsequently, Molly successfully gave birth to a final pair of puppies.

Molly and her litter of seven are all in good health, and the formerly stray dog is gradually learning to trust her rescuers.

“She has been through a lot, of course, (and) is pretty protective of her puppies,” Dickerson explained. “So, she’s a bit wary of people. But our amazing behavior team has been working with her every day to be able to help instill that trust within her and let her know that she’s in a safe space.”

Molly and her pups, affectionately referred to as “Molly and her Minions” by the rescuers, will receive ongoing care at the animal hospital until they can be placed in a foster home.

The Arizona Humane Society aims to keep mother dogs and their puppies together for six weeks, until the pups are old enough to eat independently.

Following their initial period of joint fostering, Molly and her puppies will be placed in separate foster homes, with the hope of eventually finding permanent families.

Dickerson praised Molly as an “incredible mama” and stated that she would undoubtedly “make someone an absolutely wonderful pet in the future.”

“Once she’s done raising her babies, it’s time for her to be a baby in someone’s home,” she added.

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