Good News in History, July 5

The hoard of Anglo-Saxon Gold, which was named after Staffordshire, was discovered 14 years ago. The hoard, which contains 11 pounds of gold and thousands of garnets along with 3 pounds of sterling silver, is the best testament to the wealth and power of the early Britons. The most spectacular finds were a collection made up of gold, garnet, and filigree sword hilts and pommels. READ what was revealed… (2009)Staffordshire Hoard – David Rowan Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, CC 2.0One of the first things that one notices when looking at the collection is the abundance of garnet, a semi-precious stone. The treasure contains 3,500 garnets, the majority of which came from Sri Lanka or Afghanistan. This shows how global trade was thriving even in the “Dark Age”. The metalwork is also of a high quality. Another hypothesis is that the stones came from recycled Roman jewelry. The Anglo-Saxons knew how to twist and hammer the gold to make filigree–or beads chains–using gold’s peculiar properties, as it is the most manipulable metal. The Anglo-Saxon smiths decorated their sword pommels with this filigree, using North Atlantic graphic styles and spirals. Researchers have linked the warlike nature of the artifacts to the custom of giving the king war gear (heriot), as death duty, upon the death of a nobleman. The removal of the pommel caps of swords is a similar practice in Beowulf, where warriors are described as stripping the pommels from their enemies’ swords. The hoard contains 66 items of this type.
William Booth founded The Salvation Army (1865) in London
The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 is passed in the U.S.
The British National Health Service Act, 1948, was passed. It provided government-financed medical care and dental services as an integral part to British society. These services were “free at point of delivery” and paid for by tax (1948).
Arthur Ashe was the first black man in history to win Wimbledon’s singles championship (1975).
WHO declared that the SARS virus had been contained (2003)
First Indonesian presidential election (2004)
Roger Federer won Wimbledon 2009 with a record of 15 Grand Slam tennis tournaments.
Janine Robinson CC license52 Years ago today, the voting ages for citizens of the U.S. were lowered from 21 years old to 18 years old. The Twenty-sixth Amendment was first passed by Congress and then ratified in three-fourths by the States. President Nixon and his Administration certified its adoption during the signing ceremony held in the East Room at the White House. Nixon spoke about his confidence in America’s youth. Elvis Presley recorded his first commercial recording at Sun Records 69 years ago. The 19-year old was invited to record his first commercial recording with two session musicians. He was playing around with his guitar when he began strumming an older blues number called That’s All Right, but faster than the original. Rolling Stone magazine hailed that single, released two week later with Blue Moon Of Kentucky as the B side, in 2004 as the first rock-and roll record. Presley’s version had different lyrics than the Arthur Crudup Original, and was recorded in the style of live recording (all the parts were performed at once and all recorded on a single-track). John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who copied Elvis as much possible in the early years of The Beatles, said later: “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” Listen to the 2-minute song…(1954)[embedded contents]23 years ago, conservationists launched the largest airlift of wild bird ever. An oil slick that threatened the breeding grounds of South African penguins during mating season forced 18,000 penguins to be moved. The islands were home to a third of the black-footed species (found only in Africa, and classified as “threatened”) and thousands of volunteers and zoo specialists helped with the airlift. This video shows volunteers and zoo experts cleaning and feeding nearly 20,000 penguins that were oil-soaked in just 30 days. Watch the news report… 2000[embedded Content] And Happy Birthday to musician Robbie Robertson who turns 80 today. The Canadian singer-songwriter is credited with writing ‘The Weight,’ ‘The Night they Drove Old dixie Down’, Up on Cripple creek’, “Broken Arrow”, and Somewhere Down the Crazy River.1972 photo available in the public domain.He played for years with The Band and Bob Dylan before going solo and making records. Robertson worked with Martin Scorsese who directed The Last Waltz which featured The Band and a number of mega music stars. He continued to act and compose for a number dramatic Scorsese movies, including Raging Bull and Casino. WATCH a performance of The Weight in The Last Waltz…(1943)[embedded content]9 years ago today, the Juno spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on a mission to study Jupiter. Juno, which has completed 42 flybys called “Perijoves”, has provided some of most stunning images ever captured. Jupiter appears like a canvas on which colors move, swirl, and change in ways that are beyond the imagination of a human artist. It has also completed four flybys of Jupiter’s moons: Io, Ganymede and Europa. Jupiter southern poleJuno gave the first views of Jupiter’s north pole and provided insight into Jupiter’s aurorae and magnetic field. Data from Juno’s scientific instruments has reshaped theories about Jupiter’s formation. Scientists now believe that Jupiter was formed by absorbing small planets, rather than loose rock. This massive storm of a planet may have swallowed dozens, possibly hundreds, of other planets and planetesimals in the early solar system.

 The magnificent, unheard-of hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold was discovered in Staffordshire 14 years previously, giving it its name. The hoard, which contains 11 pounds of gold, tens of thousands of garnets, and three pound of silver, is currently the best example of first British wealth and power. among the majority
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