New Tallest Tree in Asia–a 335-Foot Cypress Shows There’s Plenty Left in the World to Discover

Peking UniversityChina has a large population, a large number of buildings, and big cities. Menara is a yellow meranti Shorea faguetiana tree that reaches 330.7 feet (100.8 m) in Malaysia. Researchers at Peking University, working in Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Nature Reserve, have recorded a Himalayan Cypress Cupressus trulosa which has grown to a height of 335 feet (102.3 metres). Scroll down to see the entire tree. It will take a few moments to scroll. This is not only the tallest tree of Asia, but also the second tallest tree of the world, behind the American coastal redwood Hyperion, which reaches 381 ft into the sky. The researchers used a LiDAR drone survey to quickly measure the tree trunks of whole acres of forest. Credit Peking University. The cluster was found by Li Cheng, a researcher from the Xizijiang Conservation Center. More Natural Wonders: Genetic Lineage from Thousand-Year Old Oak Trees Seeds an Experimental “Super Forest” The giant trees also provide microclimates that are ideal for fungi and insects. They also help to create a safe environment for burrowing animals, birds, and insects. It is the deepest canyon on Earth, measuring down to 19,714 feet in some places.

 China is a large nation with large cities, rivers, and buildings. But the country’s propensity for big isn’t really a manufactured one; nature also contributes. If you search for” the tallest tree in Asia” online, Menara, a golden meranti tree Shorea faguetiana with an
The first article to appear on Good News Network was titled” New Tallest Tree in Asia: A 335-foot Cypress Shows There’s Plenty Left in the World to Discover.” 

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