OUCH! New York Times Warns of Specific Harm That Joe (and Jill) Biden Could Be Doing To Hunter’s 4-Yr-Old Daughter Over Their “unconscionable behavior” Toward Her

Social media users have criticized President Joe Biden and his supporting wife Jill for pretending to be the parents of their 4-year-old granddaughter Navy, who their drug-addled son Hunter fathered before denying ownership until a paternity test disproved this. Hunter with enabling step-mother Jill, Joe Biden, and Beau, his toddler son, who he named after his brother’s widow who passed away immediately after him. Joe Biden boasted about knowing the names of his” six grandchildren” in an April press interview, but the little functional Democrat” Commander in Chief” omitted to mention his sixth grandchild. Insiders have claimed that the Biden family has even given his assistants instructions to publicly state that he just has six grandchildren.
” I have six grandchildren ,” Sickening said. Joe BidenBiden omits to mention Hunter’s 4-year-old daughter in Arkansas, who they will not acknowledge. Joe, Jill, & amp, Hunter, and the young girl have never even met. pic. ZF6l3L0iCD on twitter.com
— April 27, 2023, Marla Hohner (@ marlahohner )
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Hunter Biden’s child support case was resolved next week, and although his child won’t get his broken last name, she will get some of his absurd paintings.
According to the court filing, Hunter Biden and Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of his child, resolved their protracted paternity dispute over their 4-year-old daughter.
Biden is the child’s biological father” with near scientific certainty ,” according to a DNA test that was used by Roberts in his paternity suit in May 2019 and January 2020.
Following the paternity test results, Biden consented to pay$ 20,000 per month in child support.
The parties were suddenly able to reach a settlement after years of legal battle.
According to the agreement, the beginner artist will receive an unknown number of paintings for Biden’s estranged daughter. These paintings will” vary in size with a maximum size of 24″ according to court documents.
Painting by Hunter Biden:” The child shall choose the painting which shall either be sent to the child or to a gallery designated by Lunden Roberts.” According to the court documents, the gross proceeds from any paintings sold must be wired to an account designated by Lunden Roberts.
The New York City gallery where Biden’s paintings were on display estimated that each one was worth between$ 70,000 and$ 500,000 in 2021. But, it has been hypothesized that more than wanting a genuine work of art, the buyers of these amateur paintings were actually using the funds to win the Biden family’s favor.
Until his daughter turns 18, gets married, or passes away, Lunden Roberts and the daughter Hunter BidenBiden fathered have even agreed to pay him on a monthly basis starting on July 1, 2023, with the same owing on the first day of every month thereafter.
Biden and Roberts must” discuss providing a college education fund for the child” within the next five years.
However, Roberts withdrew her request to have her daughter’s last name changed to” Biden ,” which her attorneys had argued” is now synonymous with being well-educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful” and would thus benefit the child in her future.
The Biden” First Family” are currently receiving criticism from The New York Times for their refusal to recognize Navy as their grandchild.
The Daily Mail reports that one of The New York Times’ star columnists published a scornful article criticizing Joe Biden for rejecting the fact that his granddaughter was born to the stripper with whom his son Hunter had an affair.
A letter from Republican voter Peggy, who had formerly been so enamored with the latest president that she had voted for him, was shared by Maureen Dowd and Biden.
However, Dowd claimed that Peggy had been horrified by Biden’s refusal to acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts, whose mother Lunden became infertile following a liaison with Hunter, at the age of four.
Dowd also predicted that the young girl would face bullying at school as a result of the president’s actions because” she grows up, knowing that her father and maternal grandparents wanted nothing to do with her.”
She’ll likely be able to watch one or two videos of her half-sister Naomi getting married on the South Lawn while you and small Beau watch the fireworks from the balcony. There will be plenty of schoolmates to remind her that she wasn’t wanted if she misses that. Children can be cruel in that way. 

Joe Biden boasted about his “six grandkids” in April and bragged that he knew their names. However, the barely functioning Democrat, “Commander in chief”, failed to mention his seventh grandson. Insiders claim that the Bidens have instructed his aides not to mention their seventh grandchild.

Sickening: “I’ve got six grandchildren.” Joe BidenBiden fails to mention Hunter’s 4-year old daughter in Arkansas. The Bidens refuses to acknowledge her existence. Joe, Jill & Hunter have never met the little girl. pic.twitter.com/ZF6l3L0iCD
— Marla Hohner (@marlahohner) April 27, 2023

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Hunter Biden’s child-support case was settled last week. While his child won’t get his crooked name, she does get some of his ridiculous artwork.

According to a court filing, Hunter Biden, Lunden Alexis Roberts and their daughter, Lunden Alexis Roberts (4 years old), have settled their paternity dispute that lasted for many years.
Roberts filed a paternity lawsuit in May 2019. In January 2020, a DNA test determined that Biden was the child’s biological dad “with near certainty.”
Biden agreed, based on the results of the paternity tests, to pay $20,000 per month in child support.
After years of fighting through the courts, both parties were able to finally reach a settlement.
According to the agreement, Biden’s estranged child will receive an unknown number of paintings from the amateur artist. According to court documents these paintings “will vary in size, with a minimum of 24×24.”
Painting by Hunter Biden “The child will select the painting that will either be sent directly to the child, or to a gallery designated Lunden Roberts. The net proceeds from any sales of artwork shall be wired into an account designated by Lunden Roberts,” state the court documents.
In 2021, a New York City gallery that displayed Biden’s paintings estimated their value between $75,000 and $500,000. It has been suggested that the buyers of the amateur paintings spent the money in order to gain favor with Biden’s family, rather than buying a serious work of art.
Lunden Roberts, the father of the child, and Hunter BidenBiden also agreed to pay Roberts a monthly amount “starting July 1, 2023 and the same on the first day every month thereafter” until his daughter reaches the age of 18, gets married or passes away.
Both Biden and Roberts will have to “discuss the provision of a college fund for the child” within the next five-years.
Roberts retracted her request to change the last name of her daughter to “Biden”, which her attorneys had argued was “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially adroit, and politically powerful”, and would therefore benefit the child’s future.
The New York Times has now attacked the Biden “First Family”, for refusing to acknowledge Navy as a grandchild.
According to the Daily Mail, The New York Times published a blistering opinion piece by one of their star columnists criticizing Joe Biden for disowning his granddaughter born to a strippedper with whom his son Hunter had an affair.
Maureen Dowd shared with her a letter that Peggy, her sister, wrote to Biden. Peggy is a Republican voter and was so frightened by the current President that she voted him.
Dowd said Peggy was appalled at Biden’s refusal of acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts (4 years old), whose mother Lunden became pregnant after a liaison with Hunter.

Dowd suggested that the president’s behavior could lead to the little girl being abused at school because’she will grow up knowing that her father, paternal grandfathers, and her mother do not want anything to do with her.

She will be able to watch a video of her half-sister Naomi’s wedding on the South Lawn, and you watching fireworks on the balcony together with Beau. If she misses it, she will have plenty of classmates to remind her she is not wanted. Kids can be cruel in this way.


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