Without Affirmative Action Everyone Will Die

The structural racism lobby has been incensed ever since the Supreme Court overturned it in college admissions. The majority of the public supports the ruling, not the Supreme Court’s decision to outlaw legitimate affirmative action, is the real issue at hand. dark people included. How can you persuade them then? Declare that everyone will perish if racial action is not taken. More avoidable deaths will result from the end of affirmative action, according to The Hill
I’m generally a unicorn because I practice medicine and am Black. Only 2.8 percent of doctors are from us. This lack of diversity posed serious risks for patients yet before the Supreme Court ruled that racial action was prohibited. This decision will only make things worse. With tangible harm to vulnerable patients, outlawing affirmative action will reduce the diversity of incoming medical school classes and the now lower rates of doctors of color. All Americans will be responsible for a less various health care system and sicker people. Citizens will be healthier if doctors are chosen based on merit more than skin tone. The” health care field” doesn’t need to be different; rather, it must be skilled and competent. Additionally, Dr. Gipson acknowledged that racial action was ineffective in the first place. According to studies, those who are represented in medicine are unable to obtain the education or financial resources necessary to combat widespread racism’s negative effects on health and education. Therefore, the best course of action is to provide them with worse medical care? Additionally, Dr. Gipson ought to have learned the distinction between causation and correlation in a medical school class. Affirmative action ensures a rise in the diversity of the pipeline of clinical students, producing better doctors from all backgrounds and enhancing patient health outcomes. Even if black doctors do produce better outcomes for black patients, that does not mean that all patients will experience” better health outcomes.” Yet the earlier part is still very questionable. For instance, a study from Oakland in 2021 discovered that racial concordance between patients and doctors increased patients’ interest in prevention — not better medical care, but better patient behavior. If patients require a doctor of the same race to advise them to stop consuming fast food, that isn’t necessarily an issue with their health; rather, it’s their problem with counseling or outreach. To address that, we don’t need to create a systemically racist healthcare system. A doctor who is astute enough to inquire about a patient’s ability to afford healthier foods and medications, for instance, might avoid paying for an expensive stroke emergency room visit. The doctor is not responsible for that, and there isn’t much he can do about it if the patient is unable to pay for the food. Doctors and social workers are frequently confused by Dr. Gipson. According to reports, choosing diversity not only results in worse healthcare but also reduces the number of doctors who stay in their respective fields and perform their duties. 

Since the Supreme Court ruled against systemic racism, the systemic racist lobby has been in a frenzy. The real problem is not that the Supreme Court has thrown out legal affirmative action. It’s that most people agree with this decision. How to convince them that this is not true? Announce that everyone will die without affirmative actions.
As a Black woman physician, I am a unicorn. Just 2.8 percent are Black female doctors. This lack of diversity was a real problem for patients even before the Supreme Court’s decision to ban affirmative action. This ruling will only make an already bad situation worse. The ban on affirmative action would reduce the diversity of medical school classes, and the already low rate of physicians of color. This would cause measurable harm to the most vulnerable patients. Selecting doctors on merit, rather than skin colour, will lead to healthier citizens. The ‘health care field’ doesn’t need to be diverse, it needs to be competent and qualified.And Dr. Gipson has admitted that affirmative action wasn’t even working anyway.Studies show that people who are underrepresented in medicine cannot achieve enough education or money to overcome the ills of systemic racism that lead to worse education and health outcomes.So the solution is to give them worse health care?Also shouldn’t some class in med school have taught Dr. Gipson the difference between causation and correlation?Affirmative action ensures an increase in the diversity of the medical student pipeline, creating better physicians from all backgrounds and leading to better health outcomes for all patients.Even assuming that black doctors produce better results for black patients that’s far from a “better health outcomes for all patients”. Even the first part is questionable. For example, a study conducted in Oakland in 2021 found that racial harmony between patients and doctors increased their interest in prevention. This is not better medical care but better patient behavior. If patients need to be told to stop eating junk foods by a doctor who is of the same race, that’s a counselling problem. Gipson continues to confuse doctors with social workers. It seems that choosing diversity leads to not only poorer health care but also less doctors who stay in their lane.


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