After Betraying September 11 Families, Biden to Skip 9/11 Memorials

Thousands of 9 / 11 families signed a letter last week pleading with Biden not to reach an agreement with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the leader of the attacks and many others. Biden, as expected, didn’t give a damn. He had already planned to release the majority of the Muslim terrorists who were being held captive from Gitmo, after all. Additionally, he had been able to rob 9-11 families in court and give the money to the Taliban. In Pennsylvania or New York, he wouldn’t be welcomed by anyone. Biden will thus become the second head of state to forego the formal memorials. Yet Obama did not fall to such a low level, which is actually saying something. The 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks with service members in Alaska will be commemorated by previous President Joe Biden, marking the first time a U.S. president will do so outside of New York, Virginia, or Pennsylvania.
The White House revealed the strange location on Monday, the same day it became known that the president was including Vietnam, an enemy turned ally, in his travel plans.
On his way back from his trip to India for the G20 summit, Biden will make a stop in Alaska. This stop will be followed by one in Hanoi, and his visit is good to signal the need to counter the threat from China. Biden won’t allow the anniversary of the attacks to affect his plans for a foreign tour( it most certainly did not affect the timing of his surrender to the Taliban ), so he’ll drop off at an Alaskan base where employees are not permitted to express their real feelings for the dishonest son of an evildoer, unlike the families of those who died on September 11th. Additionally, Biden is making a point by deviating from the custom of the 9 / 11 memorials, much like he did with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. When he manages to shut Gitmo, another page will be turned. And yet another betrayal by the general traitor. 

Biden didn’t care. After all, he had already conspired with the FBI to free the majority of the Islamic terrorists imprisoned at Gitmo. He had also managed to rob 9/11 victims in court and transfer money to the Taliban. No one would welcome him in New York, or Pennsylvania. Biden will be the first president not to attend the official memorials. It is hard to believe that Obama could have sunk so low. Former President Joe Biden, will be marking the 22nd anniversary with servicemen in Alaska. This will mark the first time an American president will observe the solemn anniversaries at a location other than New York City, Virginia or Pennsylvania.
The White House announced that the president would be visiting Vietnam, a former enemy turned partner.
Biden, like the Afghan withdrawal, is making a statement by breaking the tradition of 9/11 memorials. This signals that a new page is being opened. Biden will turn a new page once he manages to close Gitmo. The traitor in chief has done it again.


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